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Yourfittingroom Launch Aims To Prove Clothes Shoppers’ Love Trying It On!

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“Is fashion shopping possible without trying items on? Do we even want that?”

This is the question being posed by disruptive fashion delivery startup, because let’s face it, virtual changing rooms and draconian fashion store returns policies are failing us.

Yourfittingroom wants to “bring the in-store experience to your home”. Customers can visit the online store, choose items from the site’s curated fashion collections, and select a convenient delivery slot.

A ‘stylish’ assistant will arrive and drop off all of the selected items on the hanger, and on the rail, before disappearing for half an hour to give you the chance to try on your new clobber in the comfort of your own home.

When the assistant returns, customers can choose to keep all, none or some of the ordered items. The assistant whisks away unwanted items, back from whence they came.

It’s simple, personalised, classy….and free! Yourfittingroom earns its money from sales commissions, and because they are cutting out the retailer middleman, designers receive twice the revenue compared to selling at wholesale. Neat.

Yourfittingroom’s founders say they are committed to helping shoppers be experimental again, and want to get away from the trend towards “gimmicky virtual fitting rooms”, and “intrusive data harvesting to measure the exact size and shape of consumer”. Because by now, we all know where data we share online ends up – in the hands of opportunistic advertisers.

“Seeing how an item looks on a model on a screen is never the same as physically interacting with items and trying them on”, they say; “You need to know how it fits and how it feels on you”. And compare it to the rest of your wardrobe, natch.

Yourfittingroom works with a range of emerging and established fashion designers including Hemyca, Sophie Cameron Davies, Sarah Bond, Traffic People, Pritch London, Madison Knight and Mariana Jungmann.

The underlying ambition is to encourage customers to give new brands a try rather than “being conservative and sticking with the bigger name brands online.”

Every aspect of the service has been carefully thought out, from the designers to the delivery van; says founder Liam Young:

“Most online shopping destinations treat delivery as an expensive after sale thought – a necessary evil. We see it as an opportunity to give customers an amazing experience.”

Bad online shopping destinations! As well as helping them see the error of their ways, Yourfittingroom, is grabbing an opportunity to hit them where it hurts – right in the profit margin.

This is your chance to sashay round the house and check your prospective purchases from every angle – without fighting fellow shoppers for the full-length mirror. Just don’t get too comfortable.

Cinderella, you shall not go to the ball gown – the ball gown shall come to you.


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