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Your.MD, The AI Health Platform & App Wants To Be Everybody’s OneStop, Personalised, Digital Health Consultant!

Your.MD, a health-tech start-up that was founded in Oslo, Norway by CEO Matteo Berlucchi but is now headquartered in London, announced today that it has added 12 additional leading digital health service providers to its One Stop Health platform.

The company, who raised $5m of funding in January last year in a round led by Smedvig capital, say they can provide anybody in the world (who has a smartphone) with up-to-date and relevant health information sourced from its service providers, and the added bonus is that the more people use and join up to the platform, the better the AI element becomes and the better the diagnoses made and information and advice provided.

The app covers 6 “core” health categories; Condition Management, Diagnostics, Medication, Primary Care, Telehealth, and Wellbeing; and works with more than 20 “market-leading” digital health services that are already integrated into the platform.

Amongst the providers are the NHS’ Choices service, Samsung’s S Health, PlusGuidance and HealthExpress.

Mimi Hearing Technologies are also on the platform, the award winning start-up that designs tools for smartphones that help people to hear better, through bespoke “earprints” that seamlessly integrate with music sources. Mimi have received funding from Atlantic Labs, Gotham Gal ventures, Horizons Ventures and “global technology and healthcare luminaries throughout Silicon Valley, Europe and Hong Kong.”

Your.MD provides its Primary care services through, amongst others, UK-based Doctify, GPDQ, and Singapore and Malaysia based GetDoc, meaning users can search and connect to healthcare practitioners or specialist care providers in their areas directly.

Other services include Dr Mortons, a medical helpline providing access to women’s health experts, MyPocketDoctor, which provides telehealth services across the Philippines, and soon-to-be-integrated Dr Care Anywhere, which will cover the UK, Africa and China.

Medical trials in the UK and USA can be accessed by using a service called Antidote, and MyMeds, a secure medication management app, has also recently signed up to the platform, along with Cera, an online home-care provider for the UK, and even UrbanMassage, who are signed up under the Wellbeing category.

A health services provider aggregator may sound a little meta but it also makes sense. App builders and companies with apps are constantly trying to find ways to keep their users browsing within their apps rather than having them defer to Google search instead. WeChat, China’s answer to Facebook, Whatsapp, Paypal and Google all rolled into one is often held up as a shining example of how to achieve the mythical in-app browsing that seems to elude so many communications providers no matter how hard they try.

It sounds like Your.MD and their One Stop platform are trying to dominate the space for the growing Health-tech market, eliminating the need for users to go and look elsewhere. Unlike most health apps, Your.MD offers a great deal more services than the norm (which usually consists of Facetime with a doctor) and its universality is likely to be a draw – the Facebook of health certainly has a nice ring to it, even if the platform may come across as a little scattergun at first. If it grows and consolidates, Your.MD will surely need to ensure people can easily navigate to the right services that are tailored to them.

CEO Berlucchi says: “Your.MD has one goal: to provide personalised, trustworthy and accessible healthcare assistance to everyone. Our OneStop Health™ platform is a fundamental element of this. We partner only with best-in-class digital health services around the world to ensure that our global user base can always find the most relevant and trustworthy health companies to enable them to get better.”

The Your.MD app has already achieved 1 million downloads and the company say they are the #1 health app in more than 100 countries. Their AI-based pre-primary care service is available on the web, iOS and Android, and even on Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack and Telegram.

Without a doubt the provision of health services is a sector of tech that has the potential to explode, as the “baby-boomer” generation start to become more health conscious and try to prolong their lives for as long as possible.

This in turn is great for rural and urban poor across the world who should benefit from the progress being made and receive better services, advice, and, in theory at least, be treated more effectively than ever before.

As Henrik Matthies, MD at Mimi Hearing Technologies puts it, “Your.MD’s OneStop Health platform provides a curated list of healthcare services for its users that is totally tailored to their personal scenario.”

According to their website, Your.MD has already provided 9.5m healthcare sessions worldwide. Their stats are impressive; the mission statement, to “democratise healthcare”, if achieved to a lesser or greater extent, would be even more so.



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