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Why You Should Attend: PitchUp By The Think Collective, This Wednesday, Every Wednesday!

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PitchUp takes place Wednesday’s at citizenM Hotel, Shoreditch- get your ticket here… 

When was the last time you set aside the startup hustle to mix with some genuinely fun, interesting and dynamic company, let your hair down…and throw some wacky ideas about?

We know – it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think / like these days – we’re all busy solving this problem, pitching to that person; dining out with these angels – getting the “beer and pizza” in.

Londoners will never be short of options when it comes to planning how they will spend their evening, and for budding startup founders and marketers, that goes double.

Shall I go to Google Campus and practice my pitch – hit the Rainmaking Loft and learn about the four-hour working week? Attend a crash course on startup marketing law?

Decisions, decisions, and often you go not because you really want to, but because you feel you should.

So how about trying a different approach? This Wednesday at citizenM hotel in Shoreditch, 6 Holywell Lane, “there is a sofa with our name on it”, says Louise Graham, founder of the Think Collective.

PitchUp is The Think Collective’s informal networking session – for a maximum of just 15 people – with a twist. You’ll get to play a game, involving cards. But not just any cards.

The Think Collective’s aim is to encourage entrepreneurs, founders, and their teams, developers, deep thinkers, and budding comedians (who make great entrepreneurs, by the way) to let loose and start talking about what really matters to them.

But first its about helping people wind down after a day’s hard work and to challenge everyone to pitch spontaneously, PitchUp involves a card game called Pitch Deck.

Pitch Deck was devised in the US by two startup co-founders, Fred Benenson and Alex Hague, who refer to it as “the perfect combination of smart and dumb”.

The game is so good / hilarious / thought provoking, it has even spawned its own Kickstarter campaign.

There are company cards, with left field suggestions for companies; and pitch cards – with left field subjects for pitching, and – the person playing the investor picks 3 company cards, and decides which one they want to hear pitches about.

The other players pick a pitch from their hand – so it might be Uber for the overweight; Airbnb for the claustrophobic.

Tinder for lonely, confused men

Roomba for the elderly

Linkedin for babies?

All good pre-conception challenging fun, we’re sure you agree. And there’s a kind of a semi-serious point – it’s about getting people talking, laughing, opening up – extroverts, introverts, developers, serial entrepreneurs, angel investors – whoever – and maybe learning to recognise what could work, and what definitely won’t.

The Think Collective’s founder, Louise Graham, is building a startup community with a savvy marketing streak running through it (for more deets, ask to join the Facebook Group).

Louise is an award-winning marketer, having account managed at an experiential marketing agency before setting up her own agency in Glasgow; later, she became a “digital nomad”, whisking her clients’ projects away to warmer climes.

Now that she has arrived in London, Louise is ready to let her hair down, and have some informal fun with founders who are big on ambition, even if they are short on time, and haven’t, yet, lost their sense of humour. This event should help them make sure they don’t.

Book your ticket to Wednesday’s PitchUp here.

(Oh, and for what it’s worth – LinkedIn for babies could work!)


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