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What’s Mine Isn’t Yours; Fash-Tech Startup Pieces Of Mine Offers Bespoke, Personalised Jewellery From Top Independent Designers

pieces of mine2A new London -based Fash-Tech startup is aiming to put the romance back into the jewellery market. In a world where everything is mass produced consumers today crave personalisation; real beauty is not about the branding; it’s all about the story.

Ex Rothschild’s investment banker turned entrepreneur Nadine Oei launched Pieces of Mine to address the gap between what consumers want – bespoke, lovingly created and curated jewellery made by real designers with genuine passion, and what is available on the market – heavily branded and generic goods devoid of character and distinction.

“There is still a huge gap between emerging designers who are trying to get their products and brand name out there and the consumer that is looking for something ‘special’”, she says; “Pieces of Mine was founded to bridge that gap through a curated jewellery marketplace.”

Made By Matters!

Pieces of mine prides itself on curating works from designers all over the world whilst still making sure buyer’s do not have to wait weeks for their products to arrive . On the site, every designer is profiled in detail, from Carmen Chan, a Hong Kong based statement jeweller who mixes East and West in her designs , to Rosedale Jewellery, founded in LA by Austin native Kate Kramer, working with 14 and 18 karat gold and precious stones, to Vera Vega, the work of Copenhagen based Eva Lund who thrives on contrasts, from diamonds to colourful zircons and architectural silhouettes.


Pieces of Mine are making it easier to connect directly with the source and inspiration behind every product; every designer describes the inspiration behind their collection in detail on the site, usually influenced by their own unique culture, heritage and personality. Pieces of Mine selects designers based on their work, professionalism and recognition within their local markets.

Shop your style and identity

No modern disruptive startup is complete without a backstory and Pieces of Mine is no exception – via their blog, “Piece Of Our Mind” Oei and her team have invested time and energy into truly discovering what makes great designers tick, the genesis of unique and challenging designs, and the techniques that bring the jewellery to life.

Being a bespoke designer is a decision that is not taken lightly; it demands sacrifice and determination as well as a free spirit; and a rare obsession and delight in the power of different materials. Every designer on-site has a story to tell about daring to be different.

 Wear Special; Feel Special

“Here at PoM we believe that jewellery is a person’s way of showing off their identity and personality; and should therefore never be standardised nor ordinary”, says Oei; “we want to introduce you to a generation of highly talented independent designers who are keeping the art of jewellery making alive.”

Who better than an entrepreneur to represent a new generation of designers who are making it their mission to defy the status quo, challenge the “uniform” nature of modern fashion and most importantly, make innovative, affordable designs available to a society desperate to celebrate difference in a world the corporates were content to grey-wash.

Most people today agree Fifty Shades is better; the emancipation starts here. Different is the new normal. From now on, bespoke is best.



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