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Weekend papers review

What’s caught the eye of Haggerston Times this weekend?

(disclaimer – Haggerston Times does not wish to express any kind of political viewpoint, it just wants to present some of the weekend’s newspaper articles in an impartial, light hearted and diplomatic fashion – we realise some of the issues being discussed below are emotive and important and we respect anybody who is prepared to engage with them in a responsible fashion)

Sunday papers

Work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith (not to be underestimated of course) has been surprisingly vociferous for a self styled “quiet man” of late. After claiming in April last year that he could live on £7.50 a day (, he’s now decided that “European Union migrants should be banned from claiming welfare payments for up to two years after arriving in Britain to stop them exploiting the benefits system.” (The Times – subscription reqd.); currently migrants must wait only 3 months before claiming benefits.

According to the Times, Duncan Smith has won admirers in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Finland, who all also presumably object to “benefits tourism”

– Haggerston Times says: the Brits go to Romania for sex tourism, the Romanians come here for benefits tourism – everyone’s a winner! No, seriously, we do not think that, but we remain to be convinced that this is happening

““pick the country that you can get the best benefits out of, travel there unemployed without any prospects of work and claim benefits from day one, which is what the commission says you should be able to do”.”

however, the Sunday Times adds that

“a YouGov poll for The Sunday Times today shows overwhelming support for welfare reform, with 76% backing both a £26,000 cap on a household’s benefits and a two-year ban on benefits for migrants.”

respect to IDS for introducing the debate – look forward to hearing more erudite / sensible / considered responses than mine

like this one: (The Times – subscription reqd.)

want to know about economic migration? Ask the Bullingdon Club!

IDS also added that he thinks restricting child benefit to the first 2 children is “a brilliant idea” – hmm – Nick Clegg doesn’t agree

a “deathly embrace” with UKIP – gosh, rather IDS than me! Wonder what UKIP think….



The Environment Agency is encouraging “communities in Dorset, South Wiltshire, Somerset and the Thames Valley to remain vigilant for continued flooding from groundwater and rivers.”

“There are currently 67 flood warnings and 109 flood alerts in place across England and Wales.”

useful advice:

so what is the future of social housing – The Guardian thinks it will look like this:

Pussy riot are released from Jail early:

Ariel Sharon dies after 8 years in a coma:

and finally: to paraphrase Liverpool owner John Henry, what are they smoking in CalifonIA?












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