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Want To Work For A Startup? Join Global {M} For Tips, Tricks & 1-1 CV Surgeries @ Google Campus 29th April

If startup founders are the new rock stars, Global {M} are its New Romantics.

Co-founders Nick Waller and Alex Hemsley have brought a new approach to recruitment to the Tech City table. They have created dream-teams of developers and coders from scratch and trained them up before deploying them into large corporates and multinationals by leveraging their network of international contacts, from Dubai to Durban.

They have championed the cause of the “intrapreneur”, the people who bring the startup spirit to organisations, supported local and international charities, and, of course, helped local startups grow by helping them make the right recruitment choices.

Employment is a hot topic on the startup scene right now. As the ecosystem matures, tech startups are demanding the best talent and candidates need to know how to position themselves perfectly to land that all important role – that means everything from references, to perfectly constructed CVs, to the right interview techniques.

Just as importantly, prospective employees need to find roles that match their expertise – what salary to expect, how to negotiate share options, and how to interpret different business cultures, at home and abroad. Employers, for their part, need to be thinking about how they can tempt the movers and shakers to join them, not their rivals. “We have come to understand their pain points, their strengths and weakness and what, how and who you need to build a successful start-up”, says Waller.

On 25th April from 6.30pm Waller and Hemsley will be hosting an evening at Google Campus that will try to find answers to all of the above – they will be revealing the secrets of how employees can build a personal brand that will make employers sit up and take notice, showcase hiring strategies that will make a startup’s roles jump out at top talent, and will be on hand for a Q&A in which they will take questions from the audience and elaborate on the latest hiring trends. “Being a start-up ourselves has given us a true firsthand insight into the mysterious and exciting world of growing a business, a brand and a unique selling point. We hope to share this with our audience during our talks and hopefully make them as enthusiastic as us to be involved and create an impact”, Waller told Haggerston Times.

Business cartoon about job search. The job candidate has requirements for his potential employer.

Don’t sweat the small stuff; find out what an employer’s expectations are with 1–1 CV Surgeries at Google Campus

Nick and Alex will also be making themselves available for exclusive 1-1 CV surgeries, during which they will personally guide candidates through the hiring process, and help wannabe candidates understand how they might best fit into the entrepreneurial eco-system.

These sessions will be available to the first 14 people who approach them at the beginning of the evening, or to those who apply via email before the event.

Every big career move starts with a small step; taking the time to approach veterans who have placed clients at top disruptive enterprises like Trivago, Kayak and Bizzby, and found roles for creative thinkers at corporate powerhouses like Barclays and HP is an opportunity that doesn’t come around every day. On 29th April the doors that all too often slam shut in hopeful candidates’ faces will be well and truly thrown open.

Your trusted relationship with a recruiter who can make a real difference starts here. So do you want to be a pen-pusher, or push the envelope? Do you want to hire the rough diamond, or a bag of smokeless fuel?


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