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Wanna The Parenting Marketplace Lets Users Buy and Sell Goods And Services For Their Kids Locally


An app that makes parent’s lives easier? Isn’t that the same as an app that keeps kids distracted?

Not quite. Launched in North London at the end of July this year, Wanna is a mobile app marketplace where parents can connect with other parents to get recommendations, sell baby goods they no longer need, like prams, clothes or toys and games, or hire other goods and services such as tutors, violin instructors, or childminders.

The app has been put together by founders Yoav Adomi, Shai Gefen and Jonathan Arad who, as parents themselves, understand pain points like a lack of time, trying to find facilities on one’s doorstep, and connecting with other parents in the local community.

Wanna deploys a unique algorithm based on NLP to match users and provides a local newsfeed, badges to accreditate users for the services and goods they provide, and filters to search for the things you need. The app uses real-time location data helping it to supply demand with relevant supply as efficiently as possible.


Yoav Adomi says he came up with the idea for Wanna after realising that most parents go through similar phases as their children grow up and require lots of items, like baby dressers, but only for a short time, so rather than buy a new version of everything, why not buy from your neighbours?

Wanna is available for download on the App Store and Google Play and already has thousands of users making direct sales to one another. The team say they are working hard to bring Wanna to every parent in North London’s smartphone by the end of the year. Wanna are part of the Seedcamp fund acceleration network having recently joined up with the accelerator in Berlin. The team were originally based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

It can be difficult to make a profitable business from the parenting market, they believe, particularly online which is a resource that parents spend less time using than many other demographics, and where marketing niche products is traditionally tricky to do, but now that mobile and apps are quickly becoming the primary source of search and discovery there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic that the service will be in frequent demand.

The team are working with the blogging community, holding focus groups and networking events and making many useful contacts in the business and parenting communities so as long as they can find a way to monetise the product and the app keeps getting downloaded the idea seems to have a lot of promise and it will be interesting to see where the business is 6 months from now.

A trusted brand in this kind of space could be just what is needed but it will take a powerful proposition to make it happen. Perhaps that proposition is Wanna?


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