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VIBBIDI Taps Into Social Media Craze For Video & Migration To Mobile With Beautifully Crafted Editing & Sharing App


“We believe that within humanity lies the fundamental desire to beautifully set aside and preserve life’s precious moments”, says the about section on the website for a new app, VIBBIDI, due to be officially released to the public at the end of this month.

The app has been created by Kazuhiro Naya, an entrepreneur who was also behind mobile video and text messaging app Mechika. Although Mechika failed to hit the big time, the first impression of VIBBIDI is a pretty positive one.

Video sharing platforms already exist, of course, but haven’t met with much success, a famous example being Viddy, which managed to raise $30 million in funding and become hugely popular, before rejecting an acquisition offer from Twitter, and promptly flat-lining. Instead, Twitter bought Vine, and the rest is history.

So VIBBIDI and Naya have their work cut out, but given how popular video sharing has become recently, thanks to YouTube, Vine, and now Facebook, there is every chance an app as well put together as this one could succeed. Recording video with a smartphone is more fiddly and tricky than simply taking a photo, and very often the results are underwhelming, but VIBBIDI provides a handy suite of tools that make touching up your videos easy. Instagram style filters, musical overlaying, black and white and slo-mo are all available plus all kinds of other functions, which means there is lots of scope for experimentation and artistic expression.

And perhaps we are getting more used to video anyway; after all, outdoorsy types and adrenaline junkies don’t seem to have too many problems handling GoPro cameras, which is why GoPro founder and surfer dude Nick Woodman is now a multi-billionaire.

Much of VIBBIDI’s content is adrenaline junkie fodder, the kind of stuff popularised by GoPro, but there are also artistic offerings, bands, plenty of footage of folks having the time of their lives, the kind of content that friends love to make for friends, as well as montages that can be quite moving. It also looks a good option for killing time in meetings or while you’re waiting for the bus.vibbidi1

Kazuhiro Naya describes VIBBIDI as the “optimal app to share videos to Instagram or Tumblr with, and is currently recruiting as many creative social media users as he can. Users from more than 100 countries are already using the app, he claims, adding that the app is now, and always will be free.

As we increasingly move towards a scenario in the tech world where people’s attention is focused on their mobile rather than their desktops, and discovery takes place within apps rather than via search engines, VIBBIDI looks set to be yet another place where users can exchange content, experiences, even news, although the length of content (6 x 2 second clips if we understand correctly) may be an issue, and monetisation might ultimately be another.

Still, this seems to be a cool app from an experienced founder that is worth having on your smartphone. Is it the next Periscope, Meerkat, or Nomadcast. Nope, it’s a little more artistic, and a bit less about streaming live stuff, but it could be a very satisfying niche alternative for anyone who is prepared to be different, which is probably most people!


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