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Top speed pitching at Google Campus with the Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers; here are (most bits of) the pitches!

They say lightning never strikes twice, but this was the 18th consecutive time it had struck Google Campus on the 2nd Tuesday of the month!


Is there a more electric, creatively charged night in Old London Town than this one? The Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers team have been putting on storming co-founder dating nights for entrepreneurs at Google Campus for the best part of 18 months, and last night was another belter.

You know sparks are going to fly when you put 250 odd founders, developers, techies, creatives, entrepreneurs, and start-up fanatics in a room together with just a stage, 2 wily and witty presenters in HHH founders Robert Fenton and Adam Turnbull, and a water pistol for company. It’s the bare knuckle boxing of start-up networking, from the blood sweat and tears, to the founders floating like butterflies, to the devs stinging like…bees round a honeypot?

Haggerston Times, the Hipsters Hackers & Hustlers unofficial blogger was lucky enough to have a ringside seat. Feeling like a cross between Anna Wintour and Paul Graham, whilst dodging aforementioned sweat and water pistol spray, was a strangely compelling new experience for the HT!

To give you a taster of what happened, and for the benefit of anyone who was there and wants to track down that elusive pitcher they couldn’t find in the bar afterwards, HT brought its trusty notebook along and made notes on all 76 pitches.

We and HHH are praying that pitchers will pay us a visit and tell us how we did; please take a minute and identify yourself; you are in there somewhere, we promise we did not miss a single pitch! If we’ve been sketchy on detail we can only apologise. Tough crowd. We’ll amend your details and buy you a coffee if you can convince us we “got you all wrong!”

As tradition dictates, the evening begins with news from Adam and Rob. Did you know the team have recently opened up “The Dock”, a 40,000 sq. ft. co-working space? To celebrate their first tenants, Boston based accelerator Mass Challenge, now running one of London’s boldest accelerator programs, moving in, Fhiwa from MC gave a small talk. Actually, he rapped. Not like this. And the audience did some beat-boxing. We said you should have come!

HHH’s sponsors get a 3 minute pitch (sponsorship gets you 6x the limelight if you’re interested). Start-up specialist solicitors Waterfront’s Alison Berryman explained why contract law is something you need to get on board with sooner rather than later (fix the roof while the sun’s shining folks), and Amy from Microsoft took us on a whistle-stop tour of all the wonderful Azure cloud style apps, learning programmes, sponsorship and help you can get if you are builder of infrastructure, game designer or just up to some general geekery.

That’s enough preamble! Twas a great night in Google Campus history! For posterity, and hoping for a bombardment of banter, we humbly present:

the pitches!

1: Hustler: Stefan; Nukulus is a product that can help match brilliant start-up ideas to talented people; because even the best founders can’t excel at everything, Nukulus is here to ease the pain by providing experts in every start-up field;

2: Hustler: Peter; Freerider is a community driven free version of the mighty Uber! Give lifts to people, earn credits, use them to get another driver to give you a free ride! Ingenious;

3: Hustler: Oleg; Oleg ran Bloom FM, when it finished, he went for a run; Boom! It hit him; Sweatcoin, a crypto currency based on movement and fitness; looking for a CTO!

4: Hacker: Renzo; a front end developer with fantastic range of skills, proud of the amazing work he has done with start-ups before, he’s looking for more opportunities to add value to founder’s businesses;

5: Hipster: David; Ear doctor by trade, David has released Ear Buddy to help the 6m people in the UK who use a hearing aid. He’s solving the twin pain points of stigma and cost, and looking for techies to help him out!

6: Hacker: Conrad; coding aficionado will help you find the best way to interact with computers, and help you build top apps, platforms and programmes;

7: Hacker: Julien; full stack developer, can work on any project from scratch; if you have a good idea and need a helping hand tap him up!

8: Hustler: Michael; only been in London 2 weeks, a developer who has done amazing work in the Netherlands, he thinks he’s a nobody in London, help him become a somebody by hiring him to help your start-up grow and scale!

9: Hacker: Peter; hybrid mobile developer just moved to London from New Zealand , top talent, looking to work on interesting projects and get to know the London start-up scene better;

10: Hustler; Eamon; Google analytics for motivation! Motivii is replacing staff surveys with apps for employees; easy and way more helpful; help him techies! He’s looking for a CTO or devs to come on board;

11: Hustler: Darren; fancy making a video profile of your start-up, or doing an interview or feature on a glam platform; this is the company profiling accelerator that can help you!

12: Hustler: Juan; Juan needs a team to help him solve the paperless receipts problem; he’s studying the barriers to entry, working with bankers and processors, he needs developers, helpers, intellectual property experts, to help him develop his concept;

13: Hustler: Fortuna; BarT, a guy who comes to your house party, serves the drinks, and clears up after; Uber for p*ssups! Fortuna needs a developer to help him build a website for his frankly fantastic idea!

14: Hustler: Sofie; the wonderful Sofie who manages the HHH jobs board also runs Cuppame, the best way for freelancers to connect and get hired on the London start-up scene; talk to Sofie!

15: Hustler: Travis; Yellify is commoditising cloud computing helping you to scale automatically at the best possible price!

16: Hustler: Dawn; sick of living in small spaces? Flat 54 will turn your tiny home into a design masterpieces with the help of some web and a few furniture designers please! Modern living at its finest, join the revolution!

17: Hacking Hustler: Ryan; Memorystoria is the no. 1 information store for your grandparents treasured memories and rich colourful histories; help them preserve their stories digitally! Talk to Ryan!

18: Hustler: Zoe Philpott: Gangland Karma is a game for youths in danger of being caught up in real life gang violence. Help them confront dilemnas, resolve problems and go on virtual adventures instead; talk to Zoe about working with psychologists and gang members for a better society;

19: Hustler: Kojo; is a rather brilliant way of funding pop-ups and supper clubs, seeing what works, proving concept and ultimately helping amazing chefs open full time restaurants. Join the crusade!

20: Hustler: Sergey;; needs no explanation. Ok, your brekkie delivered to you in under 30 mins; Sergey needs help with expansion, mentors, marketing and logistics. Get involved!

21: Hustler: Jitin; was just here to say hi, Jitin is an ex-strategy consultant, now property developer, on the scene to connect with like-minded people; open minded and up for chatting to anyone with an idea;

22: Hustler: Alex Cooper; Parallel entertainment are making an amazing film, scripted by David Magowan, called….Parallel! Tagline: “Dare you look at the other side?” It’s the incredible tale of a whirlwind romance that goes wrong when a mysterious figure shows the protagonists their parallel existence; parallels, basically. Very cool. Talk to Alex about film!

23: Hacker: Druv; do you love science? Do you think it’s cool, but broken? Do you worry that there’s no central information point to debate the great scientific issues of the day? So does Druv, but he has a solution; talk to Druv!

24: Hipster: Jonny Hancock; digital marketer with amazing portfolio looking for developers to help him resolve with his many projects; Jonny would love to chat to you if you can help!

25: Hustler: Bobcat in a box! Receive a new surprise parcel every day with a little crazy prezzie! It’s fun and cheap and you can see the awesome YouTube vid here:

26: Hustler: Peter; Global IT consultancy, successfully crowd-funded looking for people to join team and Angel Investment!

27: Hustler: Yeni; Silicon Valley Crowd-funding club can you help you promote biz and also looking for an amazing VP to help run operations; get in touch!

28: Hustler: Iulia; the Start-up institute provide immersive education, innovation hiring in startups & supporting the startup community. It’s what they like to call a 4C business: Connect, Collaborate, Create, Community! Check them out

29: Hustler: Don: CEO and founder at affiliate driven marketing platform which helps you find where your favourite celebs and TV stars get their clothes from; awesome concept, contact Don for more details!

30: Hustler: Caroline; a doctor and physiotherapist Caroline some exceptional “world blocks” (we think they are called) to help ease aches and pains, injuries, and enhance yoga type activities. Amazing live demo, get in touch!

31: Hustler: Henry; on the Wayra accelerator with £200k in investment and already being called the next Uber, talk to these amazing, big blonde, dudes!

32: Hustler: Jake; after several; years advising FinTech start-ups Jake is building his own concept, looking for recruits and funding. Drop him a line.

33: These guys (sorry didn’t catch the name) have an Internet of Things style cloud based software platform looking to build the business with the help of ISO.NE and need help with devs and marketing;

34: Hustler: Anthony; worked in a magic circle law firm, and has hatched a plan to make their working methodology more efficient; it’s a good one, help him build it, developers!

35: Hacker: Tak; has 15 years video gaming experience, can live stream mobile games to the web, would like some help and some MONEY! If possible please!

36: Hustler: Siddiq; London Business basically. That is all.

37: Hustler: Paul; Show me the money! 50 places available on amazing course to help you understand the funding landscape, get in touch!

38: Hipster: Sam; freelance graphic designer, might his services be of use to you?

39: Hustler: Franklin; wants to put the fun back into high street shopping, and see people running from store to store high fiving! Worked at ARM, wants to talk to iOs developers please!

40: Hipster: Anatoly; wants to save cyclist’s lives, needs techies, marketers, co-founders, come and join an amazing cause!

41: Hustler: Marian; Smartyii wanted to thank the HHH team and everybody who came and made the night so special! Smartyii can help you build the fastest running website in town, talk to him!

42: Hustler: Sam; Appetise! Eat well and tap into the £10m restaurant market with this awesome disruptive app, contact Sam for more detail!

43: Hipster: Mike; video sharing a la vine, Snapchat; Hipsters Hackers and Hustlers get in touch if this is your thing!

44: Hustler: Nick; it’s the Uber for sport via accelerator Bethnal Green Ventures; if you like sales and marketing, are a fun person and have tonnes of energy contact Nick!

45: Hustler: Richard; Pulsite (we think), meet-up for people to connect in nightclubs and bars; co-founders needed, come and share the vision!

46: Hacker; didn’t catch the name, sorry, this chap read from the script; research and tech, drupal devs stand-alone project; find out more?

47: Hustler: Joe; Cryptolabs cyber security; he took your photo, find out why he’s planning to do with it ha-ha!

48: Hipster: employers, freelancers, marketing help, hiring and working together: help us update?

49: Hacker: Deepti; has been working with gaming start-ups but always open to new ideas, Deepti specialises in complete scalable backend solutions. Tech, database coding? He’s your man! Java Net Javascript; fast learner, will try his hand at any programming language. Help him to help you!

50: Hustler: Naz; new low cost system to generate energy; help with funding? This hustler wrestled the water pistol from Adam and took a spray-y revenge!

51: Hustler for Hackers: Jacob; Medarkive, pharma industry, this ex-founder has 30 devs in India waiting for your project. Fabapps, any Londoners want to engage with this team?

52: Hustler: Alex; its “parallel” Alex again, he loves film, he wants to find fellow enthusiasts to work on his range of ground breaking projects! Gatsby meets Rocky people, if you love film you have to talk to Alex!

53: Hustler: Shane; www.Bubblo is the best app for discovering where to go out and how to plan the best night! Tech starts veteran needs hackers to help launch exciting new venture!

54: Hacker: Ulrich; a background in data science and a Hadoop expert, well worth chatting to;

55: Hustler / Hacker: 2 Steve’s, one creative, the other functional, a veritable dream team of Steve’s, these are the guys behind Goldmeg, they can help turn the techie creative, or vice versa; if this intoxicating mix up excites you, talk to the 2 Steve’s!

56: Hustler: Neil; Rackspace! Need we say more? Rackspace provides consultative support through its awesome program and helps you get you start-up up and running!

57: Hacker: Tak; Tak again! Did he mention he has 15 years’ experience in the gaming industry? Were you aware that he needs cash? He did? You are? Good! He has an awesome game designed for pubs and bars, and interesting project, find him and find out more!

58: Hacker: Travis; what’s this, Travis again too! He was nervous first time! Awesome cloud computing company if any happy mutants out there would like to join!

59: Hustler: Tom; an app that send parcels worldwide with a major client (Yumbles?) and awesome opportunities to grow. It’s all good. Swift and Android devs take note. The wettest pitcher on the night thanks to Adam’s water pistol shenanigans!

60: Hustler and alcoholic(!?): Andy; Andy’s firm is Green’s premier printing service, amazing product to help you upload docs and marketing material, help him deliver success techies!

61: Hipster: Santos; hopes that everyone in the room’s projects make money, so he can help people count it! Cool accountant, here to help;

62: Hustler: awesome app with 10k users’ needs developers, please!

63: Hustler: Kunal; started a biz? Need to have it valued, or find an investor; Kunal can help you do both!

64: Hustler: Asher; didn’t plan to pitch but hey why not! No company name yet, but planning to revolutionise the networking industry; can anybody code the back end; funded endeavour, so roll up!

65: Hipster: live events and performance peeps want to meet other events types and technologists to create something frighteningly disruptive yet good!

66: Hipster / Hustler: Kirsty; your amazing idea needs the right marketing; social media, PR, content, talk to Kirsty and she will help you create a PR storm!

67: HHH agnostic; help this fella raise money for Ebola orphans by volunteering and sponsoring?

68: Hustler; this fella helps produce and publish amazing printed books for kids, help him to get them into the hands of kids in schools!

69: Hipster: Hussein; SkyRo (we heard?) free tablets to use on the go, interesting applications, get out there!

70: Hacker (of banks): Toby; will pay developers £1,000s to play with their apps; they also throw big parties and pay bigger salaries. Intrigued?

71: Hustler: Mark; looking for backers to help out with his crowd source platform;

72: Hacker: Yuri; Uteam? MVP? More details, sorry Yuri!

73: Hustler: Leo; marketing and yachting; interested? Are you a mathematician or coder; grab Leo!

74: Hustler: Al; Zigzag global will re-sell returned stock on behalf of suppliers, don’t pay to have it re-delivered, get it sold and receive the cash instead. 100’s of warehouses worldwide 100m turnover. If you want to be CTO, join the queue!

75: Hipster, Hacker and Hustler! Claude; solving 2 big problems with social media; only 5% of people see your post, and another one! JS developers come and see Claude!

76: Hipster: Alex; is organising the Tedex square mile event! Want to speak, help organise, and just get involved somehow? Talk to Alex!

lightningSend us your corrections and clarifications and let’s have some banter! In our view, you will learn more about what it takes to be a start-up founder at one of these events than you would if you were dating Cheryl Sandberg. The next event is Tues Apr 14th, or if you can’t wait that long come to “Got a Problem – Get a Solution”, on Mar 24th, where founders can vent about the problems they’ve been having, and ask the audience for help.

6 Responses
  • naz
    March 11, 2015

    Great post! Enjoyed reading through the summary of the pitches!

  • Deepti
    March 12, 2015


    hah! #49 is me. I should have spent some more time on the stage!

    Been working with gaming start-ups but open to cool concepts in any field. Specialise in complete scalable backend solutions(choosing tech, database, coding) etc. Core skills lie in Java,.Net, Javascript but open to picking up new languages if I have to (and fast at that)

    I am looking to get involved in something that I believe has potential and is fun! Ping me!

    • Haggerston Times
      March 12, 2015

      that’s all updated for you Deepti, thanks for your comments!

      • Deepti
        March 12, 2015

        Thanks muchly Edmund!

        p.s. Not to seem pedantic and all, but, I am a ‘she’ …

  • siddiq
    March 13, 2015

    this is not dot come but dot co uk. its bring together london business and entrepreneurs into one place


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