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London New Tech MeetUp at Google Campus

Praise be! The tube strike is over, at least until next time and disgruntled Londoners muttering about driverless trains can get back to the business and the pleasure of London life!

Tech and start-up enthusiasts should try heading over to Google Campus where the London New Tech Meet-Up group will be showcasing some of the most promising new faces on the scene as well as some seriously disruptive tech.

6 founders will be giving a 5 minute demo and fielding questions for 5 minutes, they are Skilledconnection, Parrot-uni, Fanchimp, TutorFair, Wardrapp and Brick & Portal, and when they are done the floor will be thrown open for networking and frankly, this being the “Silicon Roundabout”, who knows where it will end!

New Tech London is a community group that has grown to more than 4,500 members in under 1 year, with the aim of showcasing the best and brightest minds and their technology. Founder Marina also runs the Santa Monica New Tech and Paris New Tech meet-ups (busy lady!) and on top of that she plans to launch a start-up workshop in London in October to help entrepreneurs learn the A-Z of building and growing a successful start-up.

Marina says: “the London tech scene is booming like no other, we haven’t seen growth like this anywhere else”, and referred us to the 2015 Global Start-up Ecosystem ranking report which has recently been released for 2015 after a 3 year hiatus. London is ranked #6 in the world, behind Silicon Valley (natch), New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Tel Aviv.

Hmm, we sense a little US bias here, plus the survey does not yet take SE Asia into account but we’ll take it, as long as the start-up scene is booming and founders are getting the support they need! In fact, barriers are being broken down and the scene is rapidly becoming more international; the stats from the report show that 37% of all funding rounds in the top 20 ecosystems have at least one investor from another ecosystem (41% in North America) and 27% of all funding rounds have at least one investor from abroad.

campusThe number of foreign employees within a start-up today is 29% on average for the top 20 ecosystems; perhaps that’s why exit growth across the top 20 rose 81% annually from 2013-2014, or why London’s exit value has quadrupled over the last two years putting it 4th on the list behind Berlin, Amsterdam and Bangalore.

There is also evidence that the gender balance is improving, with the number of female founders having grown by 80% over the last 3 years, with 18% of founders being women in 2015 as compared to just 10% in 2012. Still a long way to go but progress is progress, and Chicago, where 30% of founders are women, is the current benchmark amongst the top 20.

There’s much more to read here, take a look, and prepare yourself from some exhilarating pitches tonight at Google Campus; if you haven’t done so already you can sign up here, evening begins at 6.30, join 440 other members and get a feel for what’s currently trending, as well as a chance to discuss your own projects and hear about a range of others.

Don’t miss the boat (or the tube) on this one!

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