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This DIY App Device Gives You ‘Superman Vision’

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Worried about drilling through your electricity cords? Worry no more.

Israeli tech firm Vayyar Imaging are launching their award-winning ‘Superman Vison’ product, Walabot DIY, into Europe, on the back of a sell-out success in U.S.

The company’s 3D–imaging sensor technology can see through objects, liquids and materials – and the WalabotDIY has been specifically designed by Vayyar with the Do It Yourself enthusiast in mind.

Using the WalabotDIY, which is the size and shape of a smartphone, and can be easily attached to one via a handy clip, allows users to see up to 10 centimetres into drywall, cement, and other materials, and can determine the presence of ‘studs, pipes wires and even rodents nests’ lurking behind the walls.

The perfect way to appease terrified housemates or families whose instinct is to take a holiday every time you wield a screwdriver in anger, the WalabotDIY has already gone down a storm in the US; launched in August last year, the product has now completely sold out.

Europeans can feel extra lucky, then, that to accompany the European launch the WalabotDIY will include a brand new feature, christened Map Mode, which will enable an entire wall to be scanned, and subsequently mapped into a single image.

That means pipes can be traced from ceiling to floor, and the entire complex network of wires, studs and the mice that are happily chewing them can be seen, and dealt with accordingly.

It really is DIY 2.0.

Images captured by the WalabotDIY are projected directly onto smartphone screens; the device is compatible with all Android smartphones 5.0 and higher, and comes equipped with USB OTG. All you need to do is clip the Walabot to your phone and away you go.

Vayyar Imaging’s co-founder and CEO Raviv Melamed says that “WalabotDIY introduces a new experience for any person who would like to renovate their house without making needless mistakes.”

Besides scanning, the Walabot can tell you precisely how far to drill – or not to drill – and comes with an adjustable sensitivity setting for optimal calibrations on specific renovation or construction projects, three sensing modes for pipes and raw data, and a screenshot capture mode for when you need to size up the task in hand offline.

This handy device for handymen and women is a multiple award winner, too, having picked up the Edison Award (Gold), been named a CES 2017 Innovation Honoree, CableLabs Best New Product 2016, and This Old House Top 100 2016 member.

The product will retail at a special introductory price of £99, or €99 and can be purchased online here, if you are interested.

You can also watch this video of a man making the most of his WalabotDIY.

In today’s tech market, it can often feel like a startup has hijacked a piece of new technology available at a knockdown price, and only then thought about how they can turn it into a product. The internet of things is an industry that is threatening to drown in dud products.

Not so the Walabot, in our view. From pests to plumbing to plastic pipes, this scanner has you covered. If you don’t think you need one to knock down that wall and double the size of the kitchen, we’ll wager everyone who knows you and loves you, almost certainly does.


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