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Techtoberfest, “Probably The Best Beer & Tech Festival The World Has Ever Seen” Is Coming To London Fields Brewery This Friday


It’s finally (almost) here! The hype has been immense and by now most tech-savvy start-ups, investors, craft ale enthusiasts and fans of German festival style, oompah-fuelled parties (that’s most people) will know all about Techtoberfest, which opens its doors this Friday at the London Fields Brewery, from 4pm until – well, who’s checking!

London’s tech start-up scene is never short of places to meet and discuss the latest trends, be it Drupal programming geeks, superstar marketers, operations heroes, founders, partners, software evangelists, high-net-worth angel investors or those who consider themselves all of the above (and even lawyers!), but like a giant, disruptive platform, Techtoberfest is consolidating all the disparate parts of start-up land into one virtuous, holistic, whole…with lederhosen!

Eccentric in its fusion of the Teutonic and the Tech, but promising to be more fun and playful than a barrelful of kittens, it may come as no surprise to the start-up community that the brains behind this seismic event are the Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers group, the team behind London’s premier speed-pitching event at Google Campus, and the ground-breaking GaP-GaS (Got a Problem->Get a Solution) crowd-solving meet-ups.

HHH Head Honcho (or “5H”, as he probably should be called), Rob Fenton and his team have been in overdrive for the past few months preparing the venue, arranging speakers, booking acts and hiring out stalls and demo space to some of London, Europe, and the world’s most progressive and innovative tech companies.

Das Beer BootWe look after our techtobers, find your boot glass at #TECHtoberfest and Don’t drink beer from a glass that’s boring!!!

Posted by Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers on Tuesday, 22 September 2015


So what can we expect?

4 separate spaces; “Zimmer mit Unterhaltungsprogram”, or dance and party space, “Der Demoraum”, or a demo space with cool gadgets and inspiring talks, “Geheimenclubmitglieder”, or the VIP room, and last but not least, “Biergarten”, which if you can’t guess, is a space to get drunk and eat food in.

Entertainment in the form of all-conquering oompah band The Bavarian Strollers, who play traditional German drinking songs, make toasts, and ask the audience to join them in a series of Bavarian table dances, Peter and the London Kids, a collective of actors, dancers and musicians whose stunning live performances mix visual arts, live electronic music and dance, singer / dancer / performer Julie Stark, best known for her West End stint in “The Music Of Queen”, and Sonic Journey, a collective who “describe mainly through sound the concept of travel and how it universally affects the man.”

Speakers; in the form of street artist Ronzo, technology expert and augmented reality specialist Steve Dann, David Wood (special subject; currently unknown) and several mystery guest; and finally, but of course:

The Techerati! expect to see a proper who’s who of London’s fabled, rarely seen together in the same place, tech scene; guests are expected from crowdfunding platform Seedrs (it’s not known if they will be sending their famous investor, tennis player Andy Murray), Apple, Microsoft, Warner, the BBC, Morgan Stanley, Uber, Fidelity Growth Partners, Finn Partners and many, many more, including journalists from, Girls in Tech and Tech. London. So practice those pitches!

If the above has whetted your appetite, there are still tickets available for purchase or on the door, with special reductions for those prepared to raid their fancy dress cupboards and dig out some German style clobber.

techtoberfest 2

A p*ss up in a brewery? – what can possibly go wrong? See you there ; )

Techtoberfest promises to be unpredictable, innovative, a fantastic networking opportunity and above all, a lot of fun. How often do founders get to let their hair down, after all. It’s tempting to say, if you pick one event this year to loosen that alice band, this could very well be it. For those already signed up, we hope reading this has you salivating with excitement and reaching for your leather chaps; for anybody else; there’s still time, but hurry!



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