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Techstars Publishes Map Of Europe’s Digital Investors – Shows 500+ VCs Investing In Startups Across The Continent

Europe has $23bn of VC investment into European startup’s since 2014, according to Dealroom, and Techstars has tracked most of it

Techstars, one of the world’s most prominent mentor-driven startup accelerators, whose 800 or so alumni have raised more than $2.3bn between them since 2006, has released a map tracking all of the VC companies investing into European startups.

The map has been built in collaboration with Dealroom, who provide rich data and analytics on private tech companies, and helped digitize the data for the benefit of startups and investors across Europe.

Towards the end of last year Techstars released data on 300 VCs’ investing in European startups based on information they had obtained from their own research, including data collected from events, demo days and their network of contacts.

The response to the report from VCs worldwide, they say, was overwhelmingly positive, with many firms not included in the original dataset contacting the accelerator to add their own details, including investors from the US who have actively invested into European startups.

This, and a further deep dive into the data has resulted in the digital map, as well as a list of 501 investors which can be downloaded by startups looking for funding and the filters used to identify their most likely investors based on sector preference, number of investments made and recent activity.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for you as a startup to identify potential investors in specific regions with certain sector focuses and for you as an investor to identify other investors for potential collaborations or to do a competitor analysis”, commented Brian Daly, Marketing Manager at Techstars, in a blog post on the techstars’ site announcing the publication of the map.

The map uses circles to show where the highest concentration of VC firms are, and users’ can home in on specific regions and investigate them more fully.

At the level of most detail, startups or investors can see VCs’ street level location, and click on individual firms to discover more about them – a short description, preferred sectors of investment, and a link to the firms’ website.

Additionally a dedicated “Investors” section contains a comprehensive analysis of every firm, including (where the detail has been volunteered by the firm or discovered by Techstars / Dealroom), a full list of the firm’s portfolio, plus analysis, recent newsflow, team, co-investors and recommended similar investors.

Daly’s blogpost also reveals that, according to data from Dealroom, startups in Europe have raised €23bn since the beginning of 2014, €17bn of which was raised in either London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris or Tel Aviv.

VCs need startup’s as much as startup’s need VCs, however, it’s a mindset that founders can struggle with

What’s impressive about the map and accompanying facts and figures is that it is an entirely free resource, with the aim of encouraging startups to be bold and research likely sources of VC funding themselves rather than waiting for an introduction or for an investor to find them.

This is likely to be an invaluable source of information for a host of early, or even later stage startups, helping break down barriers and eliminating some of the fear factor of reaching out for funding, emphasising the collaborative nature of growing a company, and VC’s willingness to volunteer as much detail as possible, rather than foster an “us and them” mentality.

Techstars runs 13 week programs for startups in 11 cities in the US, and 4 in Europe; London, Tel Aviv, Cape Town and Berlin. The company invests $20k into each startup accepted onto the program as well as a $100k convertible note, in exchange for 6% common stock.

The startups’ benefit from access to Techstars’ network of contacts, mentorship and a 3-month support programme; notable alumni include SendGrid, a clod based communications platform based in Boulder, Colorado, who raised a $20m Series C in 2014.

In London recent alumni include Mainframe, a sophisticated messaging app which has raised $300k according to Crunchbase, and Osper, “Mobile Banking for Young People”, which raised $10m in June 2014 in a round led by Index Ventures.

Max Kelly is the Managing Director of Techstars in London, and mentors include Rob Moffat of Balderton Capital, and Bill Earner of Connect Ventures.


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