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Tech Will Save Us Are Raising Funds For Kids Techie Dough

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Tech Will Save US is the award winning startup that wants to help kids learn about tech using sound, movement and light.

Founded in 2012 the startup builds toys that kids aged four and over can build, and then code or programme themselves – empowering them to develop essential tech skills and readying them, TWSU say, for the jobs market of the future; one that will be unrecognisable from the one their parents knew.

This week the startup is set to launch a new Kickstarter campaign, “Dough Universe”. Say what? Imagine ‘playdo’ creations that can “spin, flash and beep” and you are more or less there. These toys “tap into the nostalgia of you classic childhood toys, like Atari Pong Table, parents.

Tech Will Save US are releasing 3 new kits; Squishy Sounds Kit, using which kids can create keyboards, drums and pianos and learn about how electricity creates sound,

Then there’s Bright Creatures Kit, which they can mould into animals ranging from fire-breathing dragons to snakes whose scales light up, and Electro Machines Kit; cars, robots, even “high-five machines” and helicopters that spin, roll, move, and most importantly, educate!

The kits will teach the fundamentals of electricity and programming, and ask them to use their imagination to create objects manually; “good old messy play”, as Tech Will Save Us puts it. There’s also a tablet app available for iOS and Android which takes kids through “a series of stories and challenges to guide play and show them how electricity works”.

Founder Bethany Koby says that “Sixty-five percent of children currently in primary school will have jobs that don’t yet exist. We believe that kids deserve toys which will provide them with the skills that will help prepare them for the future.”

“We hope that the Dough Universe will inspire our youngest generation to embark on a lifelong love of learning.”

The Kickstarter campaign will run from June 5th to July 5th, with kits available in exchange for a special early bird “dough-nation” of just $40, with all three kits available for $100.

When the kits go on sale in advance of school holidays 2017, they will retail for $49.99 each.

Tech Will Save Us are returning to Kickstarter after they launched their first ever kit on the platform back in 2013. The kit allowed kids to create and code their own wearable, and was over 300% backed on the rewards based crowdfunding platform.

TWSU say that launching products on Kickstarter is great for the business as it allows them to develop their products according to the instant feedback they receive from backers and as such they have high hopes for the current campaign, which they hope will reach a global audience, and “teach kids the value of coding and making together.”

The company have already sold thousands of kits globally, and developed a diverse product range that that cater for different age groups and skill sets.

As well as on their website, TWSU are selling their kits at “major retailers” internationally, including Barnes and Noble in the US, and John Lewis in the UK.

Kickstarter are happy to have them back: “We are excited to have Tech Will Save Us back on Kickstarter, and to share the Dough Universe with our community; we were big fans of their last campaign for the Mover Kit”, says Director of Technology and Design at Kickstarter, Julio Terra.


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