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New Retail Fund from Russia That Plans To Invest $3bn In The Retail Stars Of Tomorrow Will Be Headquartered In London

Letter One, an investment company who describe themselves as “a partnership of successful entrepreneurs and international businesspeople” has launched a new investment vehicle, L1 Retail, which consists of a $3 billion dollar fund to back “a small number of retailers that have the potential to become market leaders in their segments and markets”,


The “Virtual Technology Cluster Group” Is Set To Partner With Deloitte To Provide Digital Healthcare Start-ups Access to Firms’ Global Supply Chain

Throughout 2016, after the excitement of playing host to one of the world’s most exciting and fastest growing start-up eco-systems, London and the UK faced increasing pressure to grow these early stage, sometimes venture-capital-funded enterprises into something more substantial and permanent; “scaling-up”, however, 2016 has taught us, is never easy to do.


Exclusive! Lady Barbara Judge Opens Up On Why She Is Backing HR Tech Start-up bob; “We’re Done Celebrating Start-ups, Let’s Get To Work!”

The thing about London; it’s full of smart people. Everywhere you look, on the tube, the buses, in the taxis and Ubers; every office and every shop is crammed full of smart people, going about their business.

So, when a new phenomenon, the world of tech start-ups, starts to grow up around the Old Street roundabout,