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New EU Data Privacy Legislation Set To Be Introduced In 2018 EU Is Worrying British Business Leaders, Survey Confirms

Britain may no longer be part of the EU by 2018 but that will not exonerate businesses from having to comply with onerous new data-privacy laws when dealing with consumers and businesses in EU member countries.

According to a survey conducted by KPMG of 100 UK CEO’s, nearly 60% believe that a new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to be introduced in May 2018 will hinder their ability to do business with EU clients post-Brexit,


Exclusive! Lady Barbara Judge Opens Up On Why She Is Backing HR Tech Start-up bob; “We’re Done Celebrating Start-ups, Let’s Get To Work!”

The thing about London; it’s full of smart people. Everywhere you look, on the tube, the buses, in the taxis and Ubers; every office and every shop is crammed full of smart people, going about their business.

So, when a new phenomenon, the world of tech start-ups, starts to grow up around the Old Street roundabout, Wants To Empower A Nation Of Shopkeepers & Win The Public Back Using Disruptive Digital Techniques

London England - July 1 2008: A decorated showcase in Carnaby streetLondon England - July 1 2008: A decorated showcase in Carnaby street

Britain’s high streets are under threat, says the SaveTheHighStreet movement; the answer, they say, lies in embracing disruptive digital techniques and enlisting the help of social influencers.

High street influencers from bloggers and local councils to social media celebrities, town planners and “retail thought leaders” are being invited to join a crusade aimed at creating a more sustainable,


Two Unicorns; Two Tech Hubs; Big Difference; London’s Tech Scene Is Nothing Like The Size Of Silicon Valley’s, But It Can Be As Influential

Snapchat – the latest “Decacorn” to roll off the Silicon Valley production line

Two of the biggest startup funding stories of the week illustrate the size of the gulf that still exists between London and The Silicon Valley when it comes to creating tech giants.

Many prominent London based techies,