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It Was All Yellow? Fuller’s Launches Mysterious Instagram Campaign In East London To Get Quizzical Hipsters Talking About New Craft Ale

Have you seen them yet?

Big, bold and bright yellow, these posters are becoming an increasingly familiar sight around the hipster neighbourhoods of East London.

It’s an area that is home to more than its fair share of postmodern, meta, and just plain outrageous artwork – a lot of it on the arms and torsos of local residents –


Despark’s Ignyte Networking Series is Back! Startup Superstar Vincent Dignan Will Be Talking Growth Hacking Techniques At The Hub, Golden Square Next Wed

Is there anybody who doesn’t enjoy Wednesday night networking in Soho?

Serial networkers experiencing that dreaded sense of déjà vu as they chat to the same people, in the same places, whilst swigging beer and eating pizza (admit it – it could be worse, couldn’t it?) are in for a treat,


Facebook Says You Don’t Need A Mobile Phone Number Anymore

So that’s what Messenger is for – ever since Facebook decided access to their messaging app would be through a separate app to their main site, speculation has been rife as to what Zuckerberg, Sandberg and the crew at Menlo Park were up to.

Well it seems that since they couldn’t get a successful Facebook centric smartphone off the ground (although not for want of trying) the company has decided that Messenger has the power to obliterate the smartphone as we know it – starting with the mobile phone number – and rebuild the operating system in its own image.


Get To Know The Founders Of Knomi As They Introduce Shopping Through Social Interaction…

knomiknomiHaggerston Times Fashion Writer Abi Buller talks to one of the co-founders of Knomi, Hans-Christian Zappel, about their recently launched e-commerce and social networking application. Knomi is a social fashion discovery app which allows users to curate profiles based on their own style choices, as well as sharing and interacting with others about the latest trends.