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Apttus Chief Reveals Company’s Triple Whammy Of $88m Funding, Kuka Robotics Client Win & The Launch of Ground-breaking AI Sales Assistant “Max”

It’s all about “outcomes” in technology today – the phrase dominated the opening exchanges of a discussion I had this week with Kirk Krappe, CEO and Kamal Ahluwalia, CRO, of Apttus, the “Quote to Cash” Specialists from California who landed in London a little over a year ago,


Can Prop-Tech Firm, With A £1m Raise Courtesy Of 500 Startups, Disrupt The £3.5bn Estate Agent Sector?

Discussion with a real estate agent at the officeDiscussion with a real estate agent at the office

Would you rather sell your property through a hipster style tech platform, paying £400 in fees, or an estate agent, paying £5k?

Property-Tech firm Settled celebrated the completion of a £1m seed round a fortnight ago, led by Silicon Valley based 500 Startups, whose founder Dave McClure knows a thing or two about seriously disruptive start-ups,


Two Unicorns; Two Tech Hubs; Big Difference; London’s Tech Scene Is Nothing Like The Size Of Silicon Valley’s, But It Can Be As Influential

Snapchat – the latest “Decacorn” to roll off the Silicon Valley production line

Two of the biggest startup funding stories of the week illustrate the size of the gulf that still exists between London and The Silicon Valley when it comes to creating tech giants.

Many prominent London based techies,


A Record Breaking Quarter For US Venture Capital Fundraising In Q1 Is Good News For Entrepreneurs Everywhere

US VC firms raised $12.6bn in Q1 2016 – the most for a decade

They’re studying your metrics; they’re holding a red pen and occasionally making notes. You’re sweating. They’re asking how long will it be until you start to deliver real, tangible returns?

It may be of some considerable comfort to startup founders everywhere they they are not the only ones who have to endure a quarterly grilling from the money men.