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Mobile News: Smartphones Are Still Eating The World, There Will Soon Be 1 Billion In Africa, And Now They Have Their Own Programmatic Ad Sales Channel!

According to Andreesen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans internet companies, who used to “do mobile” as an afterthought, are already beginning to shift from “mobile first”; prioritising building things for mobile that often never found their way back onto the desktop; to “an evolution beyond mobile first”.



Best Of The Press (Releases) Part II; Only One More Sleep Until You Get To Make “The Biggest Decision Of Your Life”; The Left Say In; The Right Say Out; Just say okey dokey (and make sure you don’t vote out?)

Yes, there’s a big vote taking place tomorrow and if you read on we will share the thoughts of some of the “Techerati” on Brexit, but before we do that let’s have a shizzle through what’s been dropping into Haggerston Times’ virtual postbox so far this week.