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Beyond Meta! Flight Search Dashboard CheapFlightsFinder To Aggregate Aggregators In Quest To Provide “Rock Bottom” Prices For Flyers

Tech Start-ups have made a habit of mocking the status quo and asking us, the public, to think outside of the everyday constraints – think driving to work, getting up to turn the lights off, pushing trolleys round the supermarket – that we assumed would be part and parcel of our every-day lives forever.


On 3 Month Anniversary of Brexit, London VC Partner Sees Good Prospects For London’s Tech Industry To Ride Out The Storm

One of the earliest angel investors in CityMapper, the London based journey mapping app which has gone on to raise $50m in 3 rounds of funding, says that 3 months on, he believes Brexit has left the nation “in limbo” and falling behind countries such as Germany, France and Sweden but that a post Brexit world “will only reinforce the digital bonds the start-up community has built across Europe over the last 20 years and more.”


The Best Blog Post You Will Read This Year? Entrepreneur Michalis Gkontas Opens Up (And Then Some) About Athens, London, Loss & Home Cooking!

An entrepreneur from Athens whose London-based start-up was the darling of the British media for a few glorious weeks has written an inspiring, warts and all blog post about the highs he experienced riding the crest of a wave of publicity, the lows he went through as his business failed,


What’s That Coming Over The Hill – It’s My New Hairdryer? UK To Be Amazon’s Guinea Pig For Drone Testing

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It’s really happening! Amazon have announced they will be working alongside the Civil Aviation Authority to test drive autonomous drones with a view to launching the service.

Amazon has agreed a partnership with the UK Civil Aviation Authority that will allow the online shopping site to perform beyond-line-of-sight test flights in rural and suburban areas.


Can Prop-Tech Firm, With A £1m Raise Courtesy Of 500 Startups, Disrupt The £3.5bn Estate Agent Sector?

Discussion with a real estate agent at the officeDiscussion with a real estate agent at the office

Would you rather sell your property through a hipster style tech platform, paying £400 in fees, or an estate agent, paying £5k?

Property-Tech firm Settled celebrated the completion of a £1m seed round a fortnight ago, led by Silicon Valley based 500 Startups, whose founder Dave McClure knows a thing or two about seriously disruptive start-ups,