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The Brexit Storm Is Still Raging; Can AON’s 3 Step Programme Help Firms “Navigate” Through The Choppy Waters?

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In Centuries to come people will no longer talk about Pandora’s Box and how the furies a little girl unleashed visited pandemonium upon the ancient world.

They will, instead, talk about “Boris’ Brexit” and how it unleashed furious Farage upon the world, thus paving the way for a society in which we have a PEOTUS (that’s President Elect of The United States ICYDK) who divides his time between engaging in Twitter spats with actresses over his abuse of a disabled journalist,


New EU Data Privacy Legislation Set To Be Introduced In 2018 EU Is Worrying British Business Leaders, Survey Confirms

Britain may no longer be part of the EU by 2018 but that will not exonerate businesses from having to comply with onerous new data-privacy laws when dealing with consumers and businesses in EU member countries.

According to a survey conducted by KPMG of 100 UK CEO’s, nearly 60% believe that a new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set to be introduced in May 2018 will hinder their ability to do business with EU clients post-Brexit,


On 3 Month Anniversary of Brexit, London VC Partner Sees Good Prospects For London’s Tech Industry To Ride Out The Storm

One of the earliest angel investors in CityMapper, the London based journey mapping app which has gone on to raise $50m in 3 rounds of funding, says that 3 months on, he believes Brexit has left the nation “in limbo” and falling behind countries such as Germany, France and Sweden but that a post Brexit world “will only reinforce the digital bonds the start-up community has built across Europe over the last 20 years and more.”


Smith & Williamson Enterprise Index Hits New Quarterly Lows After One Quarter Of Respondents Give Views In Aftermath of Brexit

There are 7 stages of grief, and whilst some eternally optimistic folk seem to possess the ability to progress through all seven in the space of a few weeks, days, or in the case of some politicians, minutes, many of Britain’s business owners frustrated by Brexit took out their anger on their quarterly surveys,