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Why I’m sticking with tibit!

tibittibittibit is one of the most interesting and challenging start-ups I have had dealings with over the past year. A couple of weeks back I spent the day with 3 of their team, Justin, Iain and Rosemin, helping to man their stall at Wordcamp, a festival and celebration of all things WordPress related.


CEO of tibit says he’s ready for launch. His mission? To provide a micropayments platform for the web that silences the doubters

tibittibittib: noun: a small online payment, typically around 15p (25¢), sent by a tibber to a tibbee, either as payment for access to content or a service, or as a gratuity.



A Crypto Currency Backed By Gold? How Retail Gold Investors Can Benefit From Bitcoin’s Technology

If you were to ask most investment professionals to explain the difference between bitcoin, lowercase, and Bitcoin, upper case, they would probably stare at you blankly.