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Haggerston Start-up ROLI, “The Most Important Company In Music Right Now”, Is About To Let The World Create The Language Of Music, Lego-Style!

Music as a language – why has nobody thought of this before?

That’s a sentiment that every founder craves hearing, the tech start-up equivalent of hitting the jackpot – and ROLI, the music technology innovator based in Dalston, East London, spiritual home of the hipster, has certainly done just that.


Hot Startup Alert! Give London the Hurry-up with Quiqup

quiqupquiqupWhat do London couples fight about? Who picks up the ingredients for dinner? Whose turn it is to run down to the shops when the milk runs out? Who forgot to pick up a chewy bone for the pooch?

First world problems you might say – but now there’s a way to cover for your domestic cock-ups or fulfil those last minute desires by outsourcing to someone who can solve them within the hour,


Get To Know The Founders Of Knomi As They Introduce Shopping Through Social Interaction…

knomiknomiHaggerston Times Fashion Writer Abi Buller talks to one of the co-founders of Knomi, Hans-Christian Zappel, about their recently launched e-commerce and social networking application. Knomi is a social fashion discovery app which allows users to curate profiles based on their own style choices, as well as sharing and interacting with others about the latest trends.