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So You Think You’re A Morning Person? Test Your Mettle At Morning Gloryville’s “Rave Your Way Into The Day” Next Wednesday At Oval Space!

“Woke up…got out of bed…dragged a comb across my head…” for many of us, the Beatles had it more-or-less right.

Mornings are for falling out of bed semi-conscious, scraping toothpaste off your suit as you speed walk / run to the tube or bus, consuming copious amounts of coffee and getting away with being disagreeable and antsy.

At least they were.

On Wednesday 9th November Morning Gloryville, “an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style!” is coming to the Oval Space in Bethnal Green.

For the uninitiated, Morning Gloryville invites all comers to “rave your way into the day” surrounded by fellow early-birds, with glitter, cosplay, mind-blowing music played by top DJs, free hugs from “Wake Up Angels”, “cuddle puddles”, nibbles and yoga all thrown in for good measure.

Judging by some of the costumes on show in this promo video, you could be forgiven for attending Morning Gloryville and thinking you were still dreaming.

“Our vision is a happier, healthier, and more glittery world”, says Morning Gloryville; and that starts with a 2 hour rave beginning at 6.30am – giving you just enough time, to shower, shave, and stun your workmates by bouncing into the office with a broad smile on your face and enough energy to power-up a Tesla.

Dance music legends like Fatboy Slim, Rob Da Bank and Basement Jaxx have all played Morning Gloryville – hardly surprising then that the phenomenon has become so popular it has already spread to 20 cities worldwide.

Love raving but hate the hangover?

This event could be for you. As we enter the age of the millennial, people all over the world are seeing sense, swapping Red Bull and double vodkas at midnight for smoothies, cacao and coffee at dawn.

It all adds up to a healthier, happier lifestyle, where wackiness and “creative” dance moves are the product of a natural surge of serotonin, not one too many WKDs.

And boy does it get wacky – but in a child friendly, humanistic, celebratory kind of a way – no 48 hour comedowns after this dance-fest!

Let’s be honest, in today’s world we are increasingly choosing to indulge our more childish, playful sides, feeling more comfortable in our own skin (lycra, or headdress) and learning to herald the arrival of each-and-every day like it was our last.

We may not have Fabric anymore

But at least we know we can still find a party going on in the early hours – only this time we’ll be facing it on the back of a good night’s sleep, with a whole day of activities stretching out ahead of us.

Are you ready to rave unto the light fantastic? Use the promo code iamready (supplied by legendary co-working space Huckletree) for a special discount.

The age of Cos-play and display is upon us.


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