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Rime Is A Desktop App From 2 Indian Founders That Allows You To Display All Of Your Social Media Content In One Place

rimeIt’s been a decade at least since social media exploded into our lives, and hardly a day seems to go by without another new social networking site being thrust into our consciousness. There are so many ways to connect to people online that it is becoming hard to know where we should be, when, and for how long.

What site should we upload our pictures to? Shouldn’t we be using video anyhow? What platforms are the people that matter to us using? Which is social, and which for business?

It’s a headache that 2 young founders from India, Shubhajit Saha, an ex Ubisoft employee and previously founder of BitSits Games, and ex-IBM technician Girish Nayak are setting out to solve with a new app, a social media aggregator called Rime.

Rime allows users to collect and display content from sites like Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Vimeo, YouTube and more in a unified news feed which acts like a digital footprint for all of a users’ social media activity.

Around half of the world’s 3 billion internet users have multiple social media accounts, which begs the question, why aren’t there a slew of social media aggreagators already on the market? Well there are some, but surprisingly the space is still something of an open market, ripe for disruption.

Perhaps it has been a timing issue; before aggregators could work, there had to be some kind of consolidation in the social media marketplace; it’s fair to say that this is now happening, with established players like Facebook and LinkedIn making it harder for new sites to gain the traction they need to make membership of their sites worthwhile. That doesn’t stop founders and tech geeks trying, but going forward any new platforms will doubtless work hard at making their platforms attractive to social media aggregators, which surely have the potential to be the next “big thing”.

rime2The beauty of Rime is that it is not trying to be the next Facebook, or Instagram, it is trying to make it easier for people to use these services as a holistic whole, which leads to a better, more unified user experience.

“As a game developer I had lots of artwork and codes to share with friends and followers but I was not getting proper reach until I shared the lins to my work in Facebook and other platforms. Thisissue gave me the idea of building a platform which does not own any content but can bring together content from multiple platforms”, says Subhajit.

The platform also lets users add url links to their timelines and share web pages, making Rime a genuinely one-stop-shop for social users and professionals to share and discuss content; everything is made available for users to see, including a complete view of other users social media interactions.

From a privacy perspective, it is no more invasive than other platforms, but with everything in one place perhaps it does require users to pay closer attention to what they are posting, which may or may not be a good thing depending on whether you prefer curated content or a stream of consciousness style newsfeed.

Sharing links from the web as well as social media is a clever touch; as we move towards a world where search engines are increasingly in conflict with apps and social media sites, fighting for the right to be the best platforms for search and discovery, Rime combines the two ensuring nobody misses out. “We envision Rime to be the go-to place for people and content search”, the team says.

rime3Rime is still in beta and as yet there is no mobile app but it is still possible to register on the platform and start sharing, there are already 1.5k users and over 300k content links have been processed. The team have relocated to India’s version of Silicon Valley, Bangalore, after an alpha version of the platform met with an enthusiastic response on Campus at IIT Bombay, a prestigious technical college (remind you of how any other social networking platforms began?)

There’s a long way to go but Rime are a talented team of software engineers taking a disruptive idea and running with it, which is what we like to see!



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