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Rendeevoo is A No Nonsense Dating App That Gives You A Time, Place, Cocktail & A Date

You. Me. Drinks. Now say’s the Rendeevoo website, and sometimes you can’t say fairer than that.

Not everyone is a fan of using Tinder to meet new people and prospective partners; the small talk can be misleading and you may end up finding you have radically different tastes to the person you’re only talking to on the strength of a couple of photos and a brief “about me” section.

Rendeevoo takes you straight to the bar, allowing users to see who has declared themselves “available” for a drink and choosing to stay and “flirt” or “forget” about them and move to the next profile. Suggest a bar and a time and pay for your drink, and if they like you, they may well agree to meet you there, confirming the date by also buying a drink. If not, perhaps they weren’t your type anyway and maybe another user will be. But be warned. Dates can be cancelled up to 30 mins before the scheduled time of the meeting.

Rendeevoo calls itself an “Uber for real life dates” and founder George Christoforakis says he wants to help people “enjoy their real life instead of wasting time in front of their screens chatting with others asynchronously”. He also promises no fake profiles and no spammers or scammers which he says is a problem with larger scale dating sites.

There are two ways to look at Rendeevoo; on the one hand it could be interpreted as a bit male-centric or focusing too much on the romantic endgame of a night out with a member of the opposite sex; but another perfectly reasonable argument is that there are a lot of people, especially youngish City workers with busy lives, both male and female, who may find this the perfect way to meet somebody new in a quality location over an exotic drink.

if you feel comfortable in situations like this then Rendevoo could be for you

Rendeevoo does not have a wide user base as yet but has well over one thousand downloads and relationships in place with several bars in the Shoreditch area. Would it be awkward to let the barman know you are the Rendeevoo guy or girl, or is that kind of thinking out of sync with the way romance happens now?

Either way the app looks good and there are opportunities to take revenue in the form of additional services like taxi hire and commissions from participating bars. The team have successfully raised some seed funding via a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs and 2 Angel investors and are planning a marketing push and more sign ups of users and bars.

Rendeevoo is likely to be an app that will divide opinion, amusing some people and not others. We’re betting that a lot of friends will end up meeting friends through the site, maybe it’s a good way to ask out that colleague you’ve not had the courage to spend time alone with yet. User’s experiences will ultimately dictate how the app scales and then the team will know whether they are on to a good thing or not.

Flirt responsibly!


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