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London’s Top Fashion Bloggers! As Described by Fashion Correspondent Abi Buller

NEW YORK-FEB 10: Blogger Micah Jesse (L) and Nicole Volynets attend the Cantamessa Men Launch Party at Tao Downtown Lounge on February 10, 2014 in New York City.

Fashion can be a tricky enough thing to get your head around, even without an online presence. But with the ever growing array of fashion-centric blogs available online, I have chosen to review of a selection of my favourite fashion blogs, and outline what makes them unique.

Here are 10 of my favourites:


1. Liberty London Girl

Having initially only been drawn to this blog because of the association with the Liberty department store, I was pleasantly surprised by the content and scale of the Liberty London Girl, or ‘LLG’, brand identity. Founded by Sasha Wilkins, this blog features a wide variety of content from architecture, dachshunds, cocktails and wellies, to the fashion at Ascot and other London events; this blog has something for every mood and personality.

2. Fashion Mumblr

Similarly, with a tagline noting this blog’s content being inclusive of ‘everything from Catwalks to Cupcakes’, Fashion Mumblr has a distinct girlishness and particularly strong beauty and lifestyle presence, as well as of course fashion content. What I really like about FashionMumblr is the accessibility and wearability of the content available (I recently enjoyed a video of FashionMumblr’s ‘First ever Primark haul’). Also the fact that a lot of the features are now in video format, seems to make this blog even more addictive and easy to lost track of time on.

3. IntheFrow

The appeal of a digital collage, complete with a suitable subtitle should never be underestimated in terms of shopping media. Viewed in the same way as the shopping pages of a magazine, wish-lists, new season picks, and colour palette compilations make this blog instantly eye-catching and memorable for browsers. I find that the face behind the Frow is similarly a largely contributing factor to the blog’s success…I mean what’s not to love about that lilac hair?

fashion bloggers are becoming increasingly influential, often securing front row seats at the biggest fashion shows

 4. Coco’s Tea Party

Initially discovered through my most favourited links on Flipboard, Coco’s Tea Party is one of my favourites for trend focused features, as well as new entertainment inspiration such as summer Netflix picks and book reviews. I also particularly like this blog’s ‘How to…’ features, which offer helpful hints towards difficult trends such as ‘short shorts’.

5.The Clothes Horse

Not strictly a London blog, The Clothes Horse is run by Rebecca; an American blogger currently living in Ireland who has blogged from Greece and London, as well as various states in America. My favourite section of this blog is the ‘Outfits’ section, where kookily titled ensembles such as ‘Skedaddle’, and ‘Into the Blue’ are accompanied by delightfully happy, pretty and easygoing lifestyle imagery.

6. DisneyRollerGirl

With a name like DisneyRollerGirl, surely you’re already intrigued? Originally launched as an anonymous fashion blog, DisneyRollerGirl is run by a fashion insider and showcases a carefully curated selection of products and places. I like the clear layout of this blog, and in particular the ease through which you can shop the products, with direct links to sites such as Net-a-Porter.

7. The Blonde Salad

This is a fun blog which features a bit of everything. I particularly like its memorable unexpectedness such as features on days such as ‘World Kiss Day’ (a post complete with Disney imagery), as well as ‘Inspiration of the week’, and a whole host of ‘Top 20’s’ and ‘How to wears…’. The Blonde Salad is a real source of inspiration for the international fashion world, and also features some particularly good City Guides in the blog’s Travel section.

The Haggerston Times’ list of London’s 10 top fashion bloggers is an all female affair

8. StyleBubble

No ‘Top London Fashion Blogs’ list would ever be complete without a mention of Susie Bubble. The ultimate icon and go to trend setter and reporter, StyleBubble is a fond favourite from the very early days of fashion blogging. With such a prolific spot on the fashion radar, this is the place I always find myself when seeking the latest high fashion news, events and industry happenings.

9. Fashion and Mash

Mostly because I like any mention of the words fashion and technology in the same sentence, Fashion and Mash is the place to go for ‘designer meets digital’. Complete with a section for start-ups, as well as for ecommerce and mobile, this really is the place to find the newest of the news, and you’ll definitely find unique fashion content you’ll want to share.

10. 5 Inch & Up

The face behind this trendsetting blog is Sandra Hagelstam, a Finnish girl who is currently studying at London College of Fashion. This blog has features akin to a magazine, as not only is the photography all original and aesthetically on-point, many of the products come with handy product reviews which refer to specifics such as sizing and an out of 5 rating for elements such as quality and comfort. I also like the fact it is really an all-round fashion blog with make-up, lingerie, shoes and clothing all shot and reviewed in beautiful settings with Sandra herself as the blog’s muse.

If looking at these blogs has encouraged you to create your own, a few things I noticed about the likeability of each of the blogs often came with the fact I liked the name of the blog, appreciated its usability (being mobile friendly is always a plus point), and felt the content was unique and memorable. It is also helpful to spread your identity across social platforms, making sure your blog is available and adaptable to platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, as well as having a profile on blog share site ‘Bloglovin’. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

By Fashion Correspondent Abi Buller


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