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London-Based 4th Generation Italian Fashion House Wants You To Design Your Own Shirts Using Gesture Control and AR

Just when you thought men’s grooming was destined to be something we could only read about in Victorian novels, a bygone service from a bygone era, London-based shirt makers Neronote have decided to reinvent it.

As you can see from the video below, Neronote are predicting that gesture control and AI will allow the world to “speak the universal language of fashion” allowing men to design their own unique shirts by using pioneering technology like gesture control.

The company say that they are “determined to change the way in which men order their clothes in the future.”

A life-like shirt hologram template is conjured up as if out of thin air in the video by a sales assistant, before the male shopper uses his hands to flick and sweep the air, which alters the design of the shirt. Cuffs, collar, fit and pockets can all be changed, altered or removed and in this case the shopper even applies his own monicker underneath the breast pocket.

How very suave! However, with more than 2,000 fabrics to choose from customers will have to learn to make up their minds quickly.

Neronote currently makes most of its sales over the internet where they have an excellent rating from TrustPilot and an award for best e-commerce at the Italian web awards 2012, delivering their shirts within two weeks to offices or residences in Europe, North America, and Australia.

“We understand how our clothes can have such an impact on our state of mind and comfort within our own bodies,” they say, “We ensure that each one of our customers benefits from the service we provide to thousands of people every month.”

Neronote may be pioneering new tech but they are no strangers to shirt making; “combining four generations of expertise with digital innovation”, co-founders Gianluca Mei and Gianmarco Taccaliti married the two worlds of fashion and tech, managing to make it possible to virtually “try on” and buy shirts, and of course, have them delivered to your home.

Neronote say they have thousands of customers from around the world, having been founded in London in 2011. Their products are available in over 80 different countries and every shirt made is uniquely matched to the wearer’s personal specifications.

They may have perfected the art of going online but perhaps it’s time Neronote considered getting back into the bricks and mortar game if they continue to dream big about the future of AR.

Digital displays in stores are all the rage – witness Burberry’s flagship Regent Street store with its speaking mirrors and tagged items that communicate with your smartphone.

Surely there’s a good chance a magical shirt that changes shape before your eyes as you wave your hands would entice Christmas shoppers as much as hot chestnuts and excessive amounts of neon?


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