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Keeping Employees Happy Can Help Make Your Start-up A Success in 2016, Says Givvit Founder

Setting up a Givvit rewards campaign could be the perfect way to inspire and motivate employees and keep teams together in the New Year say the founders of Givvit, a newly launched start-up that provides a platform where employers can treat their employees on their own terms by providing redeemable vouchers for much loved retailers including M&S, CaffeNero and Pizza Express.

Recent research carried out by Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work and CEO of iOpener, involving more than 3,000 respondents from over 79 countries has revealed that the happiest employees tend to be 180% more energized than less content colleagues, 155% happier in their jobs, and 50% more motivated.

Pryce Jones’ research also shows that happier staff are up to 50% more productive and take two-thirds less sick leave than their colleagues, whilst New York Times best-selling author Gretchen Rubin, author of the Happiness project, believes that happy employees have a motivational effect on their colleagues; “Quite simply, happy people are good for teams”.

So how can a business help to trigger those serotonin levels and keep their staff happy and on top of their games? “Making your staff happy doesn’t have to be about grand, costly gestures; it’s about taking the time to make them feel valued and recognising their contribution to the company”, says Givvit CEO James Cullen.

Cullen insists that it is all about giving frequently, surprising employees and giving in the most appropriate fashion. Bonuses, often believed to be a sure-fire way of making staff feel valued can be interpreted as impersonal and for an early stage cash strapped start-up are an impractical solution at best. Team building events are time-consuming and usually please some staff more than others – not everyone enjoys the same activities, after all.

With Givvit, on the other hand, employers can set-up rewards schemes and hand out specially tailored gifts with personalised messages spontaneously within minutes; all that’s required is a list of names, email addresses or mobile numbers.

Because the treats can be redeemed at the employee’s convenience and collected at any time, with colleagues or at home amongst families and friends, staff are more likely to appreciate the gesture, and not feeling under pressure to demonstrate their gratitude in an often busy or pressurised office environment, are more likely to repay the gesture over the longer term by displaying higher levels of motivation, commitment, and loyalty to the cause.

So if, like Ricard Branson, you and your start-up agree that “happy employees are central to the success of a business”, you may want to consider signing up to Givvit’s platform, and start spreading some happiness amongst employees as they re-adjust to the cut and thrust of life in the office after the long Christmas and New year break.

Given that, according to research conducted across the US and Canada more than one quarter of 250,000 staff surveyed confessed to considering leaving their jobs for another post last year, can you afford not to be making your staff feel that little bit happier without breaking the bank or rewarding people in ways they don’t appreciate?


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