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Just ‘Moments’ To Go? Gay Dating App Hanky First To Create Live Photo Uploads For Users Tired Of Misleading Profile Pics

Users of gay dating apps who while away hours chatting to men they believe to be muscle bound hunks, only to discover, upon meeting for the first time, that they are anything but may be about to be presented with the perfect solution to their problems.

“Moments”, from Hanky, a sophisticated dating app that describes itself as “a better way to meet men” launched in beta in Paris last month and is currently being rolled out globally – the app is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Danish and Portugese.

“We developed ‘Moments’ to let anyone anywhere on the planet send out a simple signal to other guys in his neighbourhood that he’s available for meeting guys now, just by pressing a button”, says Hanky’s co-founder Jonas Cronfeld.

“A live photo showing exactly what he looks like at this very moment prevents no-longer accurate photos misleading people. It seems to be working brilliantly for our users.”

Indeed it does; Ellis, a “genuine user” quoted in a recent press release, commented on a recent trip to Greece; “I only had one night alone open for fun. I simply sent out a Moment from my hotel and immediately guys from all over the island started showing an interest. I met up with a great guy for drinks an hour later and it turned out to be quite a success.”

Whilst Moments may be music to the ears of men who, like Ellis, are lucky enough to be in possession of an Adonis like body or irresistible pout, there will doubtless be others who feel “Moments’ is about to sabotage an otherwise fool-proof pulling technique, used by members of both sexes since the dawn of man.

“You sure don’t look like your profile pic / oil painting / heiroglyph, but well, you’re here now.”

In all seriousness, lovers come in all shapes and sizes, as do tastes in men, so whether you are “rocking a dad bod”, are “vertically challenged”, or have taken to wearing shades indoors to disguise the bags under your eyes, honesty, it would seem, certainly in the case of moments, is the best policy.

Someone should tell users of Tinder.

The Gay Times has praised Hanky’s tech credentials, commenting “all messages are delivered quickly and efficiently and push notifications are free and instant, even at peak hours when activity is hefty.

“Now that’s what I call live dating!”, the GT concludes, adding that it “would be surprised if it (Hanky) didn’t leave some of the dinosaur apps that are out there in the dust”.

Hanky is also unique amongst gay dating apps in that it requires the approval of other members in order for a prospective new member to be permitted to join.

Three existing users of the app must cast a vote to decide if newbies can join; according to Hanky’s founders, this helps to cut off entry to “creeps, time-wasters and fake profiles”.

Apparently, no fewer than 8 out of 10 applicants to the app are rejected, but thanks to a loop-hole it is still possible to gain access to the platform; if 3 existing members agree to welcome somebody on board who failed the visual screening a verification request is sent to that user.

Cronfeld is quoted by the Metro as suggesting that “our users are nicer and more sexy” than users of alternative dating apps.

Albeit somewhat judgmental. Still, all’s fair in love and war, and there’s still an opportunity for ugly ducklings with sweet tongues to gain access, and tap-tap-swipe their way into the beautiful people’s affections. Opposites do attract, after all


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