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Jorlio is the platform helping us to redefine how we think about events

jorlio1What 3 things do we all want today, and how can we get them? The first part is easy: we want to be more efficient, we want to be in the know, and we want to have fun! The second question is a much harder one. In theory, it’s never been easier to find out what we should be doing, who we should be talking to, and where the best places are to hangout. We all have smartphones, PCs, laptops, even watches and jewellery bombarding us with “important” and “urgent” messages all day long. So why is it so hard to make the right choices? In reality the answer is simple. We don’t have the right filters.

Most of our digital devices are designed to deliver a critical mass of time sensitive and helpful information, using algorithms, analytics, data mining, and market research. But sometimes, instead of being bogged down by push notifications saying “try this!” and “visit that!” wouldn’t it just be simpler if you could tell them what you wanted for a change? What if you could say, this is who I am, here is what I want, now leave me in peace and only disturb me when you have the solution. Jorlio, the events platform with a difference, does exactly that.

Jorlio is a beautifully designed, easy to use interface that allows you to log on and tell the platform exactly what kind of events you wish to attend, be they business, social, networking, dating or educational. There are currently over 80 different categories to choose from, and all you have to do is select the ones that are most appropriate to your needs. Once you have chosen, sit back and wait for to be emailed with the pick of the week’s events, specially chosen for you.

But the platform is not just for event attendees, it works both ways. Event organisers can promote their events, and provide information that helps Jorlio to assess exactly who the right target market may be. Jorlio is almost unique in this respect; plenty of sites will post an event, provide ticketing, information and detail, but fail to take that final step and identify the perfect attendees in waiting. Jorlio goes the extra mile by providing highly targeted email marketing that benefits both the organiser and attendee. It is a PR person’s dream tool, the best way to advertise your event.

jorlio2Jorlio is even redefining what it means to hold an event. First of all, what constitutes an event? There are social gatherings, professional meet-ups, focus groups and many others formats besides. Each one is highly differentiated, with separate goals and outcomes. Jorlio understands that not every event will be the right one for its users, allowing people to save their valuable time and energy for the events that matter the most to them, their families, and their social circles. Likewise, Jorlio will not push an organisers’ event to people who do not wish to attend those specific types of events . Is there any bigger buzz-kill than the guest who really does not want to be there?

Another concern we all have in today’s 24/7 climate is the extent to which we are forced to give away our personal data. Before we know it, we discover that the seemingly harmless newsletter we signed up to is passing our personal details, and often those of our nearest and dearest, to third parties, who misuse and misinterpret it. Jorlio collects a minimal amount of data, does not sell or share with any 3rd parties, and uses it internally to match events with attendees. It doesn’t detract from the service they can offer, but it does make for peace of mind.

For the casual user, Jorlio is unobtrusive, highly targeted, and safe, but the business itself is certainly intriguing. Already live in the US, Canada and the UK, it is anticipated that by Q3 next year, there will be foreign language versions of the site available across Europe, and that is when things really start to get exciting. Event organisers will be able to structure and market their events, putting their potential customers first, and with a suite of marketing tools at their disposal. Churn, attendance rates, and attendees response, should they wish to provide it, can all be measured effectively, and relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.

Customers like Jorlio, and that is why so many have signed up, thousands at the last count. This is obviously good news for event’s organisers and marketers; where a mailshot can be an ineffective and lacklustre sales technique, a carefully selected invite from a trusted source can make the difference between success and failure. Jorlio only brings like-minded people together. Why waste time presenting your ideas to someone who does not want to hear them? A recommendation from a friend is worth ten times more than a recommendation from a stranger, right?


Finally, geography is an important consideration for attendees, so Jorlio allows you to specify a radius that you are willing to travel within to attend events. There is no need to go further than you would like, but, if you are the adventurous type, widen the scope of the opportunities you want to be hearing about!

In what has become a crowded events promotion market, there is an increasing gap between the best and the rest, and that’s because people hate having their time wasted. Jorlio aims to do two things better, provide customers with information about the events they need to be at, at the right time and in the right way, and allow event promoters to reach the right audience, with the right message.

Bringing people together is not rocket science, after all, but some companies can make it feel that way! Jorlio takes a common sense approach, but visit the site and you will see that it is also intuitive, attractive, and easy to find your way around. If you’ve been struggling to find the right people, either as a promoter, business person, musician, technician, trade show veteran or social chameleon, you may have been looking in the wrong places. It’s time to try Jorlio.


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