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It Was All Yellow? Fuller’s Launches Mysterious Instagram Campaign In East London To Get Quizzical Hipsters Talking About New Craft Ale

Have you seen them yet?

Big, bold and bright yellow, these posters are becoming an increasingly familiar sight around the hipster neighbourhoods of East London.

It’s an area that is home to more than its fair share of postmodern, meta, and just plain outrageous artwork – a lot of it on the arms and torsos of local residents – but seriously, who pays for a bright yellow poster campaign – with no logo!!

Here’s where things start to get a little post ironic a little hipster cool, and a little “World-Firsty”.

In fact, you will be “Firsty” after taking a closer look at these seemingly blank canvases, because they are really a campaign promoting brewing brand Fuller’s latest invention – a new craft lager, named Frontier, and aimed at London’s latest generation of beer-lovers.

But this being East London, only hipsters with social media street cred will be able to reveal the hidden messages behind the mustard façade – using Instagram.

Signs below the posters advise beer fans to take snaps of the yellow canvas, and, by applying different Instagram filters, beardie beer fans can uncover secret messages, and prizes.

By sharing their snaps on social media with the hashtag #FindFlavour, fans of the amber nectar will be automatically entered into a competition to win goodies including free beer (natch) and cinema tickets.

The campaign will run throughout Hoxton and Shoreditch for the next two weeks, and  Jane Jones, Head of Marketing at Fuller’s, believes “now more than ever before ‘social’ beer drinking is dominating across platforms, with fans sharing experiences, love of flavour and designs.”

“We’re excited to see the reactions from those who take part, and the fun it creates in the city and across social platforms.”

And we thought social eating was hip! Tech trends really do move fast – gulp, we’ll drink to that!

The campaign was the brainchild of award-winning creative agency The Corner, who say it is the first ever time Instagram has been used by a brand to launch a competition in this way.

And it’s the perfect way for Fuller’s, a brand more readily associated with middle aged rugger-bugger’s favourite ale, London Pride, to score some cool points, and drop its new flavour amongst the artisans East of Spitalfields.

Incredibly, Fullers has been brewing beer continuously from its historic Griffin brewery in Chiswick since 1654.

At around that time, William Shakespeare called Shoreditch home. There’s a man, with a beard, who wouldn’t have said no to a snappy Instagram filter had he been around today.

His spirit lives on, however – a modern twist on an old classic – drinking beer and fooling around with your mates will just never grow old – as if we needed any more excuse to do it, Fullers and The Corner just gave us another one.


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