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Image Selling Platform Lobster To Mark 5th Anniversary Of Oscar Winner Directed UGC Classic “Life In A Day” By Filming Its Sequel

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you don’t have to be a professional photographer to sell your pictures on Lobster’s platform – but a passion for art or imagery no doubt helps

Lobster, the platform that allows amateur photographers to license their personal photography collection for use by media agencies, and charge a fee, has announced that it will be marking the five-year anniversary of the first ever UGC (User-Generated Content) movie – by creating its sequel.

“Life In A Day 2” is an attempt to recreate the magic of “Life in a Day”, directed by Oscar-winner Kevin McDonald, which consisted of a pastiche of thousands of different 1-5 minute videos, uploaded by members of the public onto YouTube, and skilfully woven together, to give a fleeting, ephemeral glimpse of a “typical” day on planet Earth.

The film was released to critical acclaim at the Sundance, Berlin and SXSW festivals before its YouTube world premiere was released in January 2012. To date the film has garnered nearly 12m views on YouTube.

Now Lobster are “daring” anybody with 5 minutes to kill this Sunday, 24th July to film themselves going about their daily routines, using a digital camera, smartphone, GoPro of whatever device they happen to have to hand.

Lobster have promised to judge all the entrants and pick, then buy, the best 20, which they will edit into a feature length movie. The deadline for entries will be Tuesday 26th July, at 8pm. Lobster will distribute the final edit across various social media channels and also during an event on Friday 27th July.

The event will take place at Shropshire House, Capper Street, home of Wayra, the renowned startup accelerator from which the Lobster team graduated back in 2011. Drinks, nibbles, UGC style games and a full screening have been promised, followed by the obligatory networking, and more drinks.

Punters are encouraged to sign up asap to avoid disappointment.

lobster 2

making “Life In A Day 2” 5 years after the original was released will be tough but has a city ever been as vibrant as inspired as London, despite the weather, and despite the referendum?

The thoroughly disruptive, hipster, and arty Lobster platform, founded by a team of Russian entrepreneurs, is also celebrating the news that they have added full Dropbox integration to their platform. This means users, instead of uploading the occasional snap to Lobster’s platform, can now license their entire Dropbox archive all at once.

“Dropbox opens up a whole new layer at Lobster”, says Egorsheva; “one of the largest and fastest growing platforms among photographers with millions of daily uploaders, now users can simply upload and sync photos for sale, 1,000s of them, immediately from their Dropbox drive!”

And there is more good news, as Lobster is finally announcing an AI functionality that is capable of colour and face recognition, meaning it can autotag uploaded pictures to make them searchable, and therefore more visible to potential purchasers.

According to Lobster, although many users have been tagging their images, often the titles are too imaginative, poetic or oblique to make them easily searchable by media agencies.

Now says Egorsheva, after users upload, “Lobster will do the rest; get the info, descriptions, define colours and faces, auto-tag the images with our newly launched AI tech. Find the most authentic, immediate photos, perhaps never used before by anyone at all, and license them royalty free with Lobster.”

Just think, thanks to Lobster you could be a film star in less than 10 days – you might have to pinch yourself!

Lobster’s 3 founders, Andrey Dmitriev, Maria Iontseva, and Olga Egorsheva have raised $700k to date, across 4 rounds, including a crowdfunding campaign on Syndicate Room which raised £350k at a pre-money valuation.

The company say that contributors working across Flickr, DeviantArt, or Instagram, whose work is chosen by media agencies receive 75% of the total fee, with prices starting at $0.99.


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