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Hot Startup Alert! Give London the Hurry-up with Quiqup

quiqupWhat do London couples fight about? Who picks up the ingredients for dinner? Whose turn it is to run down to the shops when the milk runs out? Who forgot to pick up a chewy bone for the pooch?

First world problems you might say – but now there’s a way to cover for your domestic cock-ups or fulfil those last minute desires by outsourcing to someone who can solve them within the hour, and earn a decent wage at the same time. Meet Quiqup.

If you’re based in Shoreditch, Bow, Mile End, Kensington, Chelsea or Ladbroke Grove, Quiqup can pick up almost anything you might need – and deliver it to your door, within one hour, Guaranteed. Now that’s service!

From your favourite independent store, to the café down the road that’s just too much of a stretch on a lazy Saturday morning, to the 24-hour convenience store, to your favourite restaurant, Quiqup’s carefully selected and handpicked delivery team are there for you. They’ll even recommend new places for you to try.

What’s the worst thing about an “instant, at your fingertips service?” When it’s slow, and the service is shoddy? Precisely – Quiqup say that if use their app, you won’t need to worry about anything – its instant and hassle free, they say. You’ll receive your items hand delivered, within the hour. You can even keep track of the delivery on a specially created in-app map.

If the store is out of your favourite juice, Quiqup’s “Quiqees” will shop around and see if they can find it elsewhere. And if you like the idea of running a few errands around London for some select and discerning clients, maybe you’d consider becoming a Quiqee?

Londoners, fear not! From Mile End to Ladbroke Grove, Quiqup will deliver to your door within the hour.

Logistically, Quiqup has it covered – need something delivered at some point in the future but want to get it sorted now? Simple, just use the scheduler in the app. Quiqup also promise never to pool orders, so whichever Quiqee is running your errand, you have their full attention! You can select single or multiple drop-offs – you can even select the vehicle you’d like to be used for the job; bicycle, scooter, or car.

Get it while it’s hot!

What if you’re a small business owner like a restaurant or a dry cleaner who needs to ship your goods fast? No problem, just ask Quiqup – and they will do their best to find you a bespoke solution.

In just a few clicks of the app you can have everything arranged and, literally, ready to go, and if you still need evidence, Quiqup are being backed by brands like Delancey & Co, Busaba Eathai, Juice Tonic Organic Delivery, and Raw Press, as well as popular social influencers Amelia Freer, AmericaGirlInChelsea, Christie Becker and even Richard Branson’s Virgin – cooo-eeee!

So next time life or London pressures are getting you, your partner, your kids, or your friends down, reach for the Quiqup app and tap-tap-go – it’s yet another hot new London start-up to get excited about, with a backstory; the founder & CEO having come to London via the Lebanon, where he ran the family business – which has helped to give Quiqup a holistic, organic edge.

At Haggerston Times we love small business disruptors, especially ones taking on the likes of Amazon, and making London, during these chilly months, a little less grey and a mite more colourful. Kudos to Quiqup for having the chutzpah!


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