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#HackRealEstate Wants 2 Days’ Of Hackers and Property Professionals’ Time To Properly Disrupt The Property Market

Prop-tech is hot in London in the second half of 2016 – think Settled,, or

Folks are demanding more say in how they sell or rent their homes, bringing many of the services offered by traditional estate agents “in-house”, and now they need London’s techies and property people to help them fulfil their dreams of disruption.

So step forward #HackRealEstate, which takes place from 19th to 21st October at Olympia, London.

With its tagline “48 hours to build the next big thing in PropTech”, #HackRealEstate are inviting top coding talent and luminaries from the world of real estate, and asking them to “turn an idea, that solves a real problem, into a working prototype within a very short space of time.”

Working in teams of 3-6, ideally with a mix of skillsets (no school-disco-style coders in one corner, munching pizza, real estate guys in the opposite corner, buffing their winkle-pickers) – collaboration and ideas-sharing are the watchwords.

How does a Hackathon work?

First you have to register, then you need to pay your entrance fee, which has dropped from £450 all the way down to £100. This gives attendees an “access all areas” pass which means networking with 5,000 plus fellow attendees, listening to speeches from top professionals, seeing 100’s of exhibitors – and squeezing in a drink reception or two.

But the main thrust of the event is of course, the Hackathon.

2 weeks before the event begins, attendees will receive details of the challenges set by the Sponsors, Future PropTech and Minim UK.

On the first day of the event participants who wish to are invited to pitch their disruptive ideas, and teams are formed as participants choose which idea (and which personality) they’d like to back.

And then, let the hacking commence!

Teams will have the best part of 2 days to turn their ideas into reality, starting with the blueprints, building the foundations of a platform, then making it look pretty – sounds just like building a house, right!

Participants are also given access to “food, drink, and plenty of coffee”, dedicated working areas with high speed Wi-Fi and “collaboration areas”, Raspberry Pi’s, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and gadgets galore. VR Prop-Tech – now that’s hip!

The sponsors challenges will encompass one of 4 major themes: Generation Rent, Smart Homes Buildings and Cities, Commercial Spaces and Property Search, Marketing and Sales.

And of course, there are prizes up for grabs – third placed teams will receive “Goodies Galore”, including smart watches, drones, smart home kits and Amazon Vouchers, whilst 2nd place gets “£1,500 in cash, redeemable in bitcoin for the “bleeding edge” amongst us plus tickets to attend FUTURE: PropTech, and smart watches.

The winners take home £2,500 in cash or bitcoin, plus tickets for MIPIM in Cannes, home of the legendary Film Festival, and positively dripping with rich and famous, fans of beautiful homes.

The event will be judged by Alex Bailes, Head of Digital at Connells group, and Dan Hughes, Director of Data and Information Product Management at RICS.

And fear not struggling teams, help is at hand – mentors include CEO and founder of, and Christine Webb, a PR Consultant at 26 letters PR.

Hackathons, it seems, after a period of relative quiet, are making a comeback, and it looks like the property market is getting a long overdue tech makeover.

The real beauty is that at an event like this, literally anything could happen – get ready for techies in winkle pickers, and dapper estate agents tearing ravenously at 2-day-old Hawaiian Deep crusts.


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