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Ethical Fashion Start-up Tarlee Get Physical At The Shard Retail Arcade!

What’s the difference between London Bridge rail station, and London Bridge Underground?

About 3 miles, by our reckoning! If this is part of your commute, or you are planning on taking this journey, take our advice and take a thermos of coffee and hiking boots as following the human crocodile that runs through through this labyrinthine series of corridors and random diversions in the current glacial temperatures will make you feel like you are negotiating the foothills of the Himalayas!

Make sure you bring your wallet, too, because luckily, relieving the tedium, with their fabulous pop-up store in the Shard Retail Arcade are Pride of the Haggerston fash-tech start-up scene, Tarlee.

Arch proponents of the “slow fashion” movement, Tarlee curate and display the work of emerging fashion designers online, favouring designers who practice ethical fashion techniques and processes.

Tarlee have launched their own physical pop-up store to complement their online store, providing commuters with bang up to date, ethical fashion choices on their way to work, or at weekends when hanging out at Borough Market or taking the train out of town for the day.TARLEE homepage [2949157]

The start-up, founded by university friends Liz and Tara, has even developed its own ethical branding tags, so customers know exactly how their natty new outfits have been sourced and created.

Liz and Tara are proud to be one of the Shard Arcade’s only independent stores, and their eye-catching displays are providing shoppers with a welcome point of difference.

When the HT paid them a quick visit last week shoppers were buzzing all over the goods on show, studying the jewellery, trying on the bang on-trend felt hats, and casting their eyes over the range of dresses, hats, scarfs, shorts and trousers – all proudly displaying their ethical tags.

Oh and who can forget the umbrellas – once seen, never unseen!

Liz and Tara are welcoming visits from bloggers, journalists, influencers and fashionistas – they recently spent an hour with a Shirley Bassey impersonator, they told the HT, who just happened to be passing.

That’s the beauty of London – you never know what you are going to get.

So next time you find yourself in the shadow of the Shard, take 5 and check out Tarlee’s wares, sourced from some of the finest young designers in Europe, and proudly displaying their ethical tags.

You won’t be disappointed.


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