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Company update; Motivii Making Strides; Start-up Delivering Real Time Employee Motivation Scores To Managers And Organisations

Simply put, I love Motivii! In a world where there is lots of data but sometimes little learning, Motivii focuses me on the important stuff. That is: how is my teams feeling, what’s the key stuff on their plate, and how can I help them

Henry Matthews –  Co-Lead Marketing Transformation, Bank of Scotland

“Motivii  has  been  created  to  help  employees  understand  their  own  motivation,  communicate more  effectively  with  their  teams  and  to  serve  as   a  platform  for  anonymous  feedback  that helps  improve  the  workplace.”

Excerpt from the Motivii user guide

In April last year we ran a piece about Eamon Tuhami, a start-up founder and investor who, as well as having taken equity positions in start-up success stories Glisser, Zzish, Driftrock and Loyalty Bay, amongst others, was on the verge of launching his own project, Motivii, an app that allows organisations and managers to track anonymous feedback from their employees as to how motivated they feel at any given time in the workplace.

Since then, Motivii has made significant progress; one of the biggest hurdles an early stage start-up needs to overcome is to validate the product – am I really solving a problem here, or have I created a solution to a problem that does not really exist?

According to Gallup, as many as 70% of employees do not feel suitably engaged with the organisation they are working for, which might explain why Gallup also estimates that $550bn of business slips through the fingers of unmotivated employees each year.

Money, or rather salary is not the problem. Only 12% of employees leave organisations for financial reasons. It’s a cliché but its true – a successful business is about people and how you empower them; Companies that have motivated and engaged employees outperform those that don’t by up to 202% (Gallup).

At the same time it’s important not to overcomplicate matters. Today companies collect more data about their employees than at any time in history and often it’s collected in a way that can make employees feel quite paranoid; what if I say what I really think – what if I score my manager 3 out of 5 instead of 4 out of 5?

The annual or semi-annual review can feel pointless; by the time it is completed, signed off and reviewed, circumstances may already have changed considerably. What’s needed are real time data analytics that produce honest, subjective, but anonymous feedback. In this way, every company can win.

This is the essence of what Motivii does. Employees can download the app onto their smartphones and quickly calibrate it by answering 4 straightforward questions.

By asking questions on a weekly basis and collecting (anonymous) readings whenever an employee chooses to submit them, employees are able to communicate quickly and accurately how they feel about the work they are being asked to do. Managers and organisations can just as quickly interpret them and identify what may be causing an issue and what is having a positive effect on motivation and energy levels.

An excellent case in point; Ensighten is a leading company in the field of enterprise tag management and marketing data solutions. Ensighten’s EMEA division decided to implement Motivii in their London office during the second half of June – it took just a few weeks before they began to obtain useful, quantifiable results.

The data was able to confirm what effects certain business processes had on morale. When the company threw a boat party, for example, energy levels were up massively. Organisational changes within the office were also correlated with changes in motivation.

“The initial idea behind implementing Motivii within Ensighten EMEA was to measure the motivation of our team and how it is affected by particular events. We have since found it to be much more than that”, says Ian Woolley, Ensighten’s general manager for EMEA. “Motivii helps our employees reflect on what they are doing as well as providing the leadership team with valuable and anonymous feedback to whatever questions we wish to pose.”

Ensighten collected data over just a few weeks involving less than 50 employees but have said they plan to roll out the service across their entire global organisation. Bank of Scotland are also fans of the service: “Motivii is easy to use, simple in design and most of all effective. We talk about it in the office and people see real value in using it.” Imagine what effect months or years of data could have on an enterprise’s ability to accurately gauge how their employees might react to different scenarios. Motivii represents a tactful and dynamic way to find out things that under normal circumstances an employee might not feel they wish to discuss.

There is a second major use-case for the app that helps to keep employees on their toes and thinking about the tasks they need to accomplish without exerting unwanted pressure. Each week employees are asked to submit a quick Top3 report for the week. It is an opportunity for them to feed back to their managers how their week went, what they want to focus on the following week, submit one motivational recording and answer a single question, which changes every week.

The Motivii team say that for December it took employees on average 2 min 29 seconds to complete the task. The manager receives the team’s Top3s with peoples’ names attached, but all motivation recordings and answers to questions are aggregated and anonymised.

How does Motivii make money? By charging organisations £4 per month per employee to use the service. So far, the team have discovered that employees like using the app – more than 80% of users would recommend it to a colleague. Organisations also find the tool empowering and have demonstrated willingness to pay for annual licenses upfront. Ensighten, Criteo, Rocket Fuel and now Lloyds Bank are using Motivii as a weekly metric to help them understand how their employees are feeling.

Version 2 of the service is now released with a newly developed motivation-processing algorithm to provide more accurate insights and interpretation alongside fine-grained ways of understanding organisations. Tuhami says that he and the team are in contact with several “big name” clients who are keen to trial the service. In short, Tuhami says, “everyone is in agreement that the key to understanding their workforce today is through real-time engagement platforms. Motivii is at the forefront of this new wave.”

Motivii says that over 80% of employees use the app every week and the team are already making significant discoveries such as 70% of employees believing you can be unhappy yet still motivated.

The next stage is to roll the service out to several new big partners. Working alongside these companies, Tuhami and his team hope to uncover more and more information on the relationship between staff productivity and profitability. Long term, they say, the vision is to “Enable every organisation globally to make real-time data led decisions around boosting employee motivation in order to drive every other KPI”.

And yes, if a company wanted to you could even ask your people if they feel they are paid enough!


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