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Company profile: Research Axis: proof that in Tech City, you’ll never walk alone

What separates a flourishing business from a failing start-up?

Everybody wants to walk tall, but sometimes it’s easier when we have a clear path to follow.

On too many occasions a good idea loses out to a mediocre one simply because an entrepreneur lacks the resource or experience to deliver the business plan or strategy that an investment Angel, VC, accelerator, or even bank manager, is looking for.

So a warm welcome, then, to a recent addition to Tech City’s roster of Market Research and Strategy Consultants, Research Axis.

Research Axis is a boutique agency headed up by Anupama Menon, who brings a dash of glamour, and a wealth of experience from across the Atlantic, where she spent a decade working with start-ups and SME’s, from Indiana to California, providing mentoring and strategy support services across industries including Engineering, Shipping, Tech and Media.

Anu settled in the UK 2 years ago with her husband and 6 year old son, but, not being you’re archetypal, stay-at-home Mum, she quickly set about putting her talent and experience to good use; Research Axis was born.

So why Tech City, and why start-ups? A shrewd and intelligent businesswoman, with a friendly and inquisitive personality, Anu prides herself on being a good judge of a person’s business sense. Indeed, one of Research Axis’ core beliefs is the concept of “educational consultancy”; a hands-on approach which alternates between target driven and consultative, according to the client’s requirements.

Speaking to Anu over coffee near Victoria station (she has only just begun drinking coffee after 15 years of abstention; must be the weather!), another term keeps cropping up which captures the essence of what Research Axis are all about. Evangelism.

A lesser known term in the UK, but a byword for all that is good and inspiring about entrepreneurship in the US, to be an evangelist is to desire to be the best that one can be, and to inspire others to feel the same.

Anu believes this is the secret to unlocking her client’s potential; she carefully selects clients whose profiles, and business plans, are best suited to her way of working. Research Axis clients are expected to have a strong work ethic; a successful business is not a hobby, Anu explains, but a passion; and the hours? “24/7”, comes the reply.

The business has won a number of clients with minimal advertising spend simply by attending events and quickly establishing rapports with entrepreneurs, who are grateful to have someone with whom they can share their experiences. Anu’s soft skills really mark Research Axis out. If evangelist is not yet a familiar term over here, how about “Agony Aunt”! It’s no coincidence that Anu’s dealings with her clients often transcend the traditional business relationship to become mutually supportive partnerships, friendships even, without compromising the integrity or success of the project.

As you’d expect Research Axis does the basics well; feasibility studies and location planning; market research and analytics, resulting in defined strategies; competitor research and tracking; demographics; web analytics and of course, digital and social media marketing. These core services are divided into 2 separate packages; “start-up” solutions, and “scale up” solutions; both packages include one-to-one mentoring and consultancy sessions, training, an action plan, and ongoing support for up to 30 days after work has been completed.

Flexibility is key, and Research Axis has shown that it can work with clients in different capacities, either on a one-off basis, or on a retainer, for those who look for stability in the longer term.

The Company succeeds because having provided the right research and statistics, they actually go ahead and do something with it.

So my new funky furniture design business sells to a demographic of ages 35-50, mostly dog owners, likely to own bicycles, and are both national and international. So what? How do I make money and build my business!

These are the kind of answers Anu can provide, by leveraging contacts in an impressive and international little black book, including web and admin service experts from the subcontinent, investors, accountants, digital marketing specialists, and even PR services from, ahem, esteemed bloggers, and folks in the know.

Research Axis, as they say, has “got legs”. What direction is it going? Onwards and upwards. Get ready to fire the starting pistol.




Twitter: @researchaxis

Phone: 0208 088 1122/0743 212 6399

2 Responses
  • Heart Aflutter
    May 9, 2014

    I have worked with Anu for several months now and she’s been instrumental in setting up my start-up business. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to start up their own business, she does far more than simple market research – she’s an all round source of advice, help, and inspiration, and she’s delightful to work with!

  • Anu
    May 11, 2014


    Thank you for your lovely comments on working with Research Axis. We have loved working with you so far and hope to stay with you as establish yourself as the “go-to” resource for brides in the UK!


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