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Company Profile: Codec’s Machine Learning Algorithms Making Content Management A Science

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This week and next we are profiling 6 emerging tech startups that have been backed by Force Over Mass, the hybrid early stage tech investment fund. FOMCap have made 3 investments already this year; 6 FOMCap portfolio companies pitched to a packed house at an event at Michelin House in late Jan. Here’s what you need to know about Codec:

Codec is a platform that enables marketers to create better content by giving them an accurate prediction of what will appeal to their target audience, before they plan and create content.

To illustrate, Codec CEO Martin Adams has described the work the firm did with client Eve mattresses whose use of “long form content” in their outdoor marketing campaigns helped double the company’s revenues “overnight”, according to the mattress company’s co-founder Kuba Weiczorek.

Using the Codec platform, Eve’s marketers were able to analyse existing content and demographic data to discover “emotional tone preferences” within their target audience of affluent and entrepreneurial Brits, to discover “interest topics and content formats with a high potential for engagement”.

The platform indicated that there was “significant unfilled demand for long-form content around leadership, self-improvement, and wellness”, and so it proved to be.

The adage that says “we know half of our advertising is wasted, we just don’t which half” is truer than ever in the age of adtech, Adams argues, and a market that is worth $144bn is increasingly being addressed in-house by firms mistrustful of the work of traditional PR or ad-agencies.

Conditions should be set fair for a subscription based platform that firms can use to plan their own campaigns, then; the reason, perhaps, that Codec is seeing 50% month-on-month growth, drove £700k of revenues in the last year and is working with brands including L’Oreal, YoSushi, Armani, Electrolux, Universal Music and Wimbledon Tennis.

Codec’s reams of proprietary data give advertisers, be they in-house or otherwise, a better chance of resonating with their target audiences, and because it is accessed remotely and straightforward to use, Codec’s costs are not onerous. The team comprises experts in machine learning and AI – plus the platform is highly scalable.


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