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Social Impact To The Fore As Legatum Center Holds Its First UK Conference At Level 39

The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT in Boston was set up as a fellowship program to help MIT students build and scale their ventures through “principled, entrepreneurial leadership”. The center also provides seed grants and travel expenses for “students looking to explore and experience global innovation-driven entrepreneurship (IDE) opportunities”,


Assiette-It Again! Europe’s Favourite Rent-A-Professional-Chef Platform Is Throwing London’s First Ever “Pre-tox” Dinner

Far be it from us to call Christmas when it’s still November, but, well, we’re no Scrooge’s here at the HT and when it’s time, well it’s time we guess.

We wanted to hold out until the Christmas Tree’s arrive for sale outside the building on Kingsland Road where StreetFeast used to run a mean Friday night munch-up but they must still be on the way back from Poland where,


So You Think You’re A Morning Person? Test Your Mettle At Morning Gloryville’s “Rave Your Way Into The Day” Next Wednesday At Oval Space!

“Woke up…got out of bed…dragged a comb across my head…” for many of us, the Beatles had it more-or-less right.

Mornings are for falling out of bed semi-conscious, scraping toothpaste off your suit as you speed walk / run to the tube or bus, consuming copious amounts of coffee and getting away with being disagreeable and antsy.


Are You A Foodie Start-up Founder Hungry For Success? Try The JustEat Food Tech Accelerator!

Just Eat, the disruptive food delivery service-cum-Tech “unicorn” which has spawned a thousand copy-cat companies, from mega-bucks success stories like restaurant food delivery service Deliveroo and Delivery Hero on the continent, to nearly-made-its like Pronto and TakeEatEasy, and still hanging-in-there rivals like Hungry House, has decided to share the secrets of its start-up success – by launching its own Food-Tech accelerator.