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Catch Fuschini’s IMPACT at the Kings Road Gallery Chelsea 8th-19th June

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The prolific and acclaimed Italian fine artist and designer Enzina Fuschini strides boldly into the abstract in her latest show, IMPACT, which is on display at 508 Kings Road Gallery until 19th June.

In the exhibition Fuschini explores, using oil on canvas, the “complexity of a moment of impact in life”.

To be more precise, “that moment where everything changes in a split second and the recurring impact this has as a consequence on our lives. Whether they are positive or productive, devastating or saving, destroying or creative.”

The unpredictable nature of these moments, which have “shaped and revolutionised our spirit and intellect”, and changed the course of history, leaving behind “entire civilisations”, are expressed, Fuschini explains, in “nervous brush strokes that appear to have not nearly enough patience to deeply examine the impact on the canvas”.

“Instead, colour and semi-geographical shapes are evoked to create this imagined space where we are all bound to share these moments.”

Ovals and circles “symbolise our unending dilemmas and resolve within the force of impact.” The artwork “is imprisoned and free at the same time”, creating a unique relationship between artist and spectator.

The dark marks connecting these ovals depict the “point of reference that determines who we are, who we are about to become”, that Fuschini says “we all need”.

Unconditional love, kindness, compassion and love are portrayed in pastel tones and shades that “talk about the beauty and the extraordinary gift of life and of each other.

Fuschini says that she wants the viewer to examine not only her paintings, but themselves. They will feel, they will react, they will make choices.

IMPACT implies Hope

Impact, we infer, implies hope for the “people of peace” in this world.

This is a collection that has been described as “full of soulful resolution and faith”.

Fuschini’s work has drawn comparisons with the ‘wit’ of Picasso, and ‘vitality’ of Klee, Miro and Kandinsky, and attracted the attention of distinguished art collectors such as Rüdiger Weng, whose private collection houses much of Fuschini’s work from the 90’s.

Born in the tiny Italian village of Matierno, in the South, Enzino studied at Art Institute of Salerno, where her surrealist style captured the imagination of Art connoisseur Giorgio De Chirico, and also Mikhail Chemiakin.

He signature style was knows as “Sincerismo”, “the desire to live in a way in which each of our truths and realities are open to all, and utmost to ourselves, without deception. Sincerismo “imagines a transparent humanity which embraces compassion, forgiveness and generosity, and expresses the liberation and fulfilment of human beings.

Attend IMAPCT this June, and you may well see the “many masks of fear, shame, control and guilt be peeled away”, allowing you to be yourself completely.

For more information visit Enzina’s website – press launch take place tomorrow at 508 Kings Road Gallery.


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