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Can Hivemind’s Tactile Tabletop Ideas Platform & Digital Beta Help You Bee The Best?

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Have you experienced the HIPPO effect? The “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” often carries the most weight at the expense of the more junior members of an organisation, or those who lack the confidence to express their point of view.

Perhaps not for much longer however; The Innovation Company, a “collection of people who have a proven history of success-laden, innovative approaches to business in their careers”, drawn from the worlds of marketing, sales and operations, have developed a gamification based solution that will help all the attendees at a meeting have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of one another – not just the big-wigs.

It’s called Hivemind, a “unique innovation framework that brings out the full potential of creative problem-solving and strategy meetings”, and it’s available either as a tabletop platform or a beta digital version.

The beauty of Hivemind lies in the way that the game allows everybody not just to hear, but to see the thoughts of all the meeting participants.

“Each thought expressed is stored somewhere on the colourful honeycomb-style board. The ephemeral nature of the spoken word means great ideas are sometimes lost in the void. Hivemind literally captures those ideas and keeps them in the forefront”, as a recent press release puts it, far better than we could.

This allows for a far more egalitarian approach to dealing with contrasting opinions expressed at a corporate meeting or a discussion group, for example. Hivemind “reshuffles the deck by putting the focus on the ideas rather than the personalities generating them.”

Or look at it like this; at every meeting, there is a “certain amount of innovative potential energy stored up in each member of the group.”  As well as this, there is further potential energy to be unlocked by the interaction between different members of the group.

According to Hivemind’s founders and designers, much of this potential energy is never unleashed – but using the board, or its digital equivalent, “the group focus shifts outward and becomes fragmented, away from the innovative energy residing in the room.”

Hivemind, they say, “pulls everyone back in, making it easy and fun to bounce ideas off each other”.

Corporate gamification is not necessarily new; indeed, the conch shell principle, for example, has been around since ancient times, but Hivemind is at the very least an attempt to disrupt what has gone before.

Its makers believe that it can used during presentations, at training and coaching events and even during content curation sessions. Hivemind, in other words, can get as funky as you want it to.

Innovation Company “anticipates seeing some fascinating use cases they hadn’t even imagined”, and are hopeful the product can “spark an innovation revolution.”

James Welch, the Chief Innovation Officer at Innovation Company, says that “”Our vision for HiveMind is to give people a 3D, tactile way to present and exchange ideas.”

“This empowers rapid innovation and a sense of real progress in terms of goal-setting and visualization. HiveMind is ideal for brainstorming new product and service ideas, or for facing down a stubborn problem that’s holding the organization back.”

Innovation Company, who also offer consulting and coaching to help businesses “stay ahead of being relevant”, say that they also have an employee engagement application in the pipeline, “that’s poised to be equally creative and disruptive.”

If your company is suffering from a bout of creative constipation, or has become a shouty dictatorship presided over by a corporate bully, then perhaps a game of Hivemind could be the ideal remedy.


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