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Brave, Bold & Looking To The Future – What China Thinks About Europe’s Millennials

Meet the Millennials; on a mission to solve the world’s problems, once they have travelled the world and started a family, according to research from Chinese smartphone maker Honor

Before releasing their new smartphone into the European market next week, Honor, a leading Chinese smartphone brand owned by Huawei and created for “digital natives”, commissioned a survey, conducted by Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) a global market research firm, to try to understand the “values, challenges and aspirations that are driving this important demographic who will shape the world’s future”.

Time will tell if their new device will appeal to a notoriously demanding sector of the population, perhaps more so in Europe than any other region, but the results of their survey will almost certainly strike a chord with a group that have had to endure recessions, the age of austerity, not being able to afford climbing the property ladder, and, in the UK, a seismic split from the EU.

“The survey demonstrates that members of the young generation in Europe truly embrace the spirit of bravery and are willing to make bold life choices to achieve goals that are important to them. They also champion the fearless and can-do attitude towards challenges which Honor particularly advocates”, commented George Zhao, Honor’s President.

The survey reveals that 9 out of 10 of the 1,500+ millennials questioned, from the UK, France and Germany, believe that risk-taking is an essential means of achieving their life goals.

Interestingly, and possibly contrary to the “me” generation that preceded them, millennials put “finding the right partner for life” at the top of their list of goals – indicating a particular fondness for the family unit.

60% of respondents, however, suggested that millennials take more risks than previous generations, with one third revealing that they had taken a significant risk in their social life, education or career.

Bravery and risk taking are one and the same thing to the modern millennial – who pinpoint starting a new business, having children and travelling the world as typical examples of “brave” life behaviours.

Steven Wang, Global Marketing Director of Honor, who claims that his brand stands “For the Brave”, suggests that “mental toughness and courage are key themes which run through all of Honor’s marketing campaigns and they resonate very well with young people.”

Infographic - Overview of Honor & PSB Study on European Millennials (PRNewsFoto/Honor)

Infographic – Overview of Honor & PSB Study on European Millennials (PRNewsFoto/Honor)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Technology also plays a huge role in the lives of millennials, the survey found.

8 out of 10 respondents revealed that they “feel empowered by current technology”, with three quarters insisting that a smartphone was an essential part of their everyday lives; most expect to be able to “run their household from their phone or computer in the next five years”.

According to Lauren Vincelli, VP of research at PSB, millennials “set lofty goals and are not deterred by hard times. Technology helps them achieve these goals, live the life they want to live, engage the way they want to engage, and ultimately take the bold leaps they know they need to take.”

PSN and Honor also suggest that, although they have had it somewhat tough, with the European region “shadowed by some uncertainties and difficult issues”, millennials are an optimistic bunch whose “confidence in their personal futures is strong.”

7 out of 10 respondents to the survey agreed that they will have the opportunities to “follow their dreams”, whilst the vast majority believe that the onus on helping their countries tackle the biggest issues, falls on them.

The study concludes that European Millennials value “high quality products which embrace new trends, innovation and interactive engagement that reflects their values”

So there you have it. If you want something doing, including solving the world’s ills, leave it to a millennial. Just make sure they have a smartphone handy.

The Honor 8 was launched in Asia in July and will launch in Europe next week. In keeping with their millennial fixation, the brand has selected Brooklyn Beckham as a Brand Ambassador. “We designed the Honor 8 for the creatives, for the brave. As an aspiring photographer finding his own way, Brooklyn is the perfect representation of that spirit,” said President Zhao. The company shipped 40m smartphone units in 2015, reflecting 100% year on year growth. The new phone comes with a 12MP dual lens camera, 3D fingerprint reading technology and is powered by a 2.3 GHz octa-core CPU and a 3000 mAh battery.

The phone retails in the US for $399 for the 32GB model and $499 for the 64GB; it’s predecessor, the Honor 7 has been described as “a decent, if unglamorous, mid-range smartphone that comes with some nice features and an excellent camera”, by Tech Radar.


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