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Been there, Founded That – Got The Entrepreneur Hoodie?

entrepreneur hoodieYes, it’s a thing; nothing says “fund my start-up business” quite like a monickered hoodie. If that’s not a sentence you thought you would be hearing in 2016, then buddy, you are soo 2015!

href=”” target=”_blank”>The Entrepreneur Hoodie is the brain child of New York based entrepreneur (duh!) Derek Newton and young immigrant designer and entrepreneur Elena Titova, who says: “Entrepreneurs are smart, hard working, generous and talented people; it’s time they had a way to show that they are proud of who they are and what they do – and do it in a way that supports the next generation of innovators at the same time.”

The Entrepreneur Hoodie team say that hoodies have become an indispensable part of an entrepreneur’s wardrobe, their comfiness and versatility making them ideal for pitching events, all night laptop and coffee sessions –  even client dinners. Having been popularised by the slacker chic of HBO comedy series Silicon Valley, starring Thomas Middleditch, Zach Woods and Amanda Crew, plus a pre-grey t-shirt era Marc Zuckerberg (who once attended a meeting with investors in his dressing gown), “if entrepreneurs had a uniform, it would be a hoodie”, Newton and Titova have concluded.

One of the best things about these navy blue hoodies with their instantly recognisable grey inner hood is that for every one sold, The Entrepreneur Hoodie team have pledged to give $5 dollars to support teaching young people in disadvantaged communities how to be entrepreneurs. Owners of The Entrepreneurs Hoodie are encouraged to pledge their allegiance to the cause by posting photos of themselves in their hoodies on social media with the hashtag #wearandshare – making it clear that, “while you’re all about success, you give back too.”

The Hoodies are available for purchase from and include the signature logo (stitched, not printed) and company name plus the hashtag meaning colleagues and passers-by will instantly know you are the kind of person who stands for success and leadership. There is also a limited edition print run of “Founder Hoodies” which are dark grey and are embroidered with “Founder. First 250”; the perfect way to show you were on board first. Leadership has its privileges, after all.

Is The Entrepreneur Hoodie the new Hipster / Hacker / Hustler garment of choice?

Entrepreneur Hoodies retail at $48, $60 for a Founder Hoodie. “You’ll wear a hoodie anyway – wear the official Entrepreneur Hoodie and support teaching young entrepreneurs”, say the founders.

Hoodies as the entrepreneurs clothing of choice? “It was bound to happen” say Newton and Titova, who also note that most really smart people (Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Karl Lagerfeld), always wear the same thing. only sells one thing – The Entrepreneur Hooodie – so make one yours today, support the teaching of entrepreneurship, and put those garish old winter clothes back in the closet – where they belong!


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