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Assiette-It Again! Europe’s Favourite Rent-A-Professional-Chef Platform Is Throwing London’s First Ever “Pre-tox” Dinner

Far be it from us to call Christmas when it’s still November, but, well, we’re no Scrooge’s here at the HT and when it’s time, well it’s time we guess.

We wanted to hold out until the Christmas Tree’s arrive for sale outside the building on Kingsland Road where StreetFeast used to run a mean Friday night munch-up but they must still be on the way back from Poland where, we believe, the fir’s are sourced. Hurry, hurry, chips and curry!

And speaking of food news reaches us that La Belle Assiette, the Paris-based start-up that allows discerning diners to rent chefs for the night, who come to their homes, cook, serve, clean and go – leaving nothing behind but several swollen bellies and a plethora of cleansed palettes…

“And finally, Mr Creosote, a wafer-thin mint perhaps – ah, tis only wa-fer thin – voila – bon appetit!”

…are planning a Christmas do!

Well fear not, because culinary antics have become a sight more health conscious since the days of Monty Python, and to celebrate the on-rushing festive period, on Saturday 10th December “the doors of the beautiful AVEQIA Stuios will open to offer Londoners a welcome escape from the Christmas madness”.

ba-2“Who what where”, I hear you ask – we’ve dealt with the who (pay attention!) so let’s tackle the what – London’s first pretox event, says Millie Ashbee, organiser in chief and the word efficiency made flesh, if you can imagine such a thing, “is here to help YOU get ready for Christmas”.

That’s right – “relax, eat and indulge, but without the guilt!” This 3 course “es”, that’s feast without the fat, has been specially designed to leave diners feeling “fantastic”, and ready to go and get stuffed throughout the rest of December, safe in the knowledge that they have been present at an “inner health workshop” where they witnessed healthy recipes being lovingly put together that they could, but probably won’t, ever use.

Still, they could always hire a Michelin starred chef in to do it for them.

At the event, says Millie, “you’ll be welcomed with slippers and invigorating fresh juices, before the health part begins – but don’t worry, it doesn’t last long and after that there’s a three-course meal served with “skinny” prosecco…i.e. prosecco!

And all three courses are prepared by la Belle Assiette’s chef’s – and let me tell you the HT has dined with said chefs before – and they are every bit as good as you hope they might be. You can even chat to them as they cook up a storm, as the HT did at their superlative, world record breaking 100 (or something) course taster menu last month.

Just don’t ask them how they prepare the biltong – because it’s the only ingredient (in a 100 course menu) that they buy from the shop.

b-a-3Who’d be a food critic ‘eh.

Here comes the science bit: Chef and Nutritionist Holly Sugars says: “The benefits of a pretox are huge. You’ll have more energy, your skin will be healthier, digestion will improve, you’re likely to lose weight and your risk of developing health issues will significantly reduce. Overall a much happier and healthier you…. The event will be a great introduction to pretoxing, will leave all the guests nourished and with the tips and plans they need”.

I wonder if they have after dinner Bah, humbugs?

I sincerely hope I haven’t just written myself out of a ticket because I like La Belle Assiette, and Milly and her super-efficient team, and I heard a rumour they’ll be goody bags too!

This is the most exciting meal you will have this year so buy a ticket here – AVEQIA is also fun and convivial and it’s in the City of London so you can go straight from work – it’s just a short stumble from whichever pub you’re holing up in this December.

Put a Michelin star or two on the tree this Christmas – much more fun that Creosoting in the shed!


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