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April 2014 LN Enterprise Tech meet-up; software so advanced it might be conscious?

London Enterprise tech meet upApril’s meet-up was held at the LSE’s Wolfson theatre, which despite being tricky to find, felt like an appropriate venue for a lively set of presentations, and Q&As.

The atmosphere was crackling with curiosity and anticipation as a somewhat jet-lagged but nonetheless impressive Mocana took the stage, dealing with a barrage of tough audience questions with refreshing honesty and good grace.

Mocana provide security solutions to app developers, enterprises and device manufacturers, using their pioneering and easy to use technology. A straightforward user interface can be used to manage security across a business’ entire suite of products, without the need to write any code, or learn a new SDK.

The business has been operating for more than 12 years and has an impressive client base of more than 200 enterprises. Its latest product, MAP, allows businesses to maintain security control of their mobile data, from per app VPN authentication, to data loss prevention and secure communications.

The demo showed how easily navigable the settings screen on the user interface really is, adding a positive user experience to a robust product. Similar to a WordPress or Microsoft plugin, Mocana has produced a competitive product that allows a business to focus on its core strategies, without having to concern itself unduly with security issues, which is a competitive advantage in itself.

Audience reaction to the product was generally positive, and there was no shortage of questions, including a tough interrogation of the Company’s credentials. Kudos to Mocana for making to the bar after such a grilling, with their reputation enhanced. Definitely a small Company on the up, rather than a big company falling on hard times.

Next up, Quartet FS, a significant player in the world of data analysis with offices in Paris, London, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

A bright and breezy presentation was incisive and to the point, reflecting well upon a Company that values speed and precision more than most. The Company’s core offering is an impressive pivot style data analytics tool which can deal with large volumes of data and present findings in an effective, and perceptive, way.

Managing Director and co-founder Xavier Bellouard explains the new and intuitive user interface has been a game changer at least as far as his presentations go, as he now has a demonstrable product to accompany the rhetoric!

The software is best suited to time sensitive and data-intensive enterprises who can leverage the Company’s tool kits to increase their tracking and awareness of key performance indicators in the areas such as logistics, capital markets, fraud detection and online gaming.

If the Quartet FS presentation was organization personified, our third presenter, YarcData, treated us to a whole new style of public speaking, part stand-up comedy, part brilliance, with a touch of the Tommy Cooper’s to boot!

The style was enjoyable, the product a serious and essential part of the business landscape: YarcData wants to help its clients get to that Ureka! moment faster, by using graph analytics driven by powerful data processing tools.

As the Company website proclaims, Big Data may be new, but YarcData have been at it for years, reaping the benefit of thousands of man hours of thought investment, although they haven’t, as one wag in the audience suggested, created a fully conscious robot just yet, and they cannot tell you the meaning of life!

YarcData’s latest product, the aptly named Sherlock, is recommended as “a unique capability for discovering new patterns and relationships in data”. Having seen the YarcData presentation, it is worth remembering that sometimes the journey can be as enjoyable as the destination, although there is no doubt that this Company is capable of providing intelligent strategic business insight.

A good evening got better as the discussions in the bar over the road progressed long into the night , and members of this meet-up went home with a feeling of accomplishment, be it a business opportunity, new contact, potential investment or just a heightened sense of well-being  The robots haven’t taken over just yet.

A big thank-you to Ian Ellis for organizing another successful event.

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