The startup community, I’m sure you’ll agree, is all about pay it forward. Together we are stronger.

There are many fantastic startup resources out there, from accelerators, incubators, and co-working spaces, to lawyers, accountants and PR.

But is there an organisation that works on both your behalf, and on behalf of the community, that you can trust?

Now there is – and it only takes 1 minute to explain.

By signing up to become a Haggerston Times partner, here’s what you get.

Your company profile – 500 words about you, your company, your industry sector, your current situation, your aims and what you need to get to where to want to be. The profile will be displayed prominently on the Haggerston Times Site, and regularly shared across all of our social media channels.

You will be listed in our “Silicon Roundabout Companies Database”, with a link to your profile piece and your site, where users can rate and review your startup, and you will be listed as a supporter of Haggerston Times, which means;

We will strive to maximise the potential of the site – by providing articles, resources, popular stories, essential information, startup services, events listings, and much, much more.


Obvious question – so who is going to pay for that?

Well, it works like this; if you sign up as a member we will charge you £5 per calendar month and in exchange we’ll publish your profile page for you and maintain the site. The more people sign up, the bigger the budget, the more we can do. Its all about building a community that reflects the values of the startup ecosystem – mutually supportive, unbiased, but unashamedly pro-startup.

S0 lets say 50 startups sign up as members – ok, so that is just £250 per month to spend – at the very least, we’ll update the site every day and give prominence to your profiles as a supporter of the site.

Now, lets move things on – say we get 500 supporters – £2,500 per month – we’ll allocate a full time member of staff to this project and we will stay right on top of everything that is taking place in the startup scene, build the profile of the community off-line as well as on, and work on optimising the site.

Finally, imagine we reach 5,000 subscribers – £25,000 per month – now that takes a little more examining – you’d probably be wanting to see a business plan for that, right? Click here.

So What do you say? Ready to sign up and help fund a resource that could be the final piece in London & Europe’s startup jigsaw?



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