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Best Of The Press (Releases) Part II; Only One More Sleep Until You Get To Make “The Biggest Decision Of Your Life”; The Left Say In; The Right Say Out; Just say okey dokey (and make sure you don’t vote out?)


Yes, there’s a big vote taking place tomorrow and if you read on we will share the thoughts of some of the “Techerati” on Brexit, but before we do that let’s have a shizzle through what’s been dropping into Haggerston Times’ virtual postbox so far this week.

Do Millennials trust and like tech more than banks?

In a week that has seen Mondo decide to apply for a restricted banking licence while it seeks to raise the £15-£20 million it needs to obtain a full licence from the FCA and Bank of England, as fellow app only “neo-banks” Tandem, Atom and Starling have done, whilst Germany based Number26 completed a $40m Series B raise led by Honk Kong based Horizon Ventures and Boston based Battery Ventures, a survey completed by compliance and regulatory framework startup Neopay reveals that these so called “challenger banks” are already winning over the hearts, minds and wallets of millennials.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults shows that exactly half of 18-24 year olds do not trust their high street banks, whilst one in three said they would be inclined to trust tech companies like Apple and Google to handle their e-money transactions.

Older generations, the survey suggests, are more inclined to stick with high street banks; 41% of 25-34 year olds, 24% of 35-44 year olds, 24% of 44-55 year olds and just 17% of 55-64 year olds expressed a lack of trust in them.

In fact the differences between the challenger banks and their more established high street rivals may be one of perception rather than reality, since more than half (47%) have not met a representative from their high street bank in the last 12 months.

Neopay’s Commercial Director Scott Dawson suggests that “the increasing frequency of scandals, combined with concerns about infrastructure and reliability, and the increase of automated processes have all served to erode trust and undermine the reputation of our banks.”

However you slice and dice the data, it seems like tech, and apps, are the winners here. As challenger banks eat into high street banks’ market share and high street banks trim staff numbers and turn to tech, the likelihood is they will eventually meet at some point near the middle ground.

Just don’t expect a dedicated customer services to answer your urgent banking queries at any point in the future; chances are you will be talking to a messenger bot.

Is prepaid the way to go for the cash strapped, ultra organised millennial (and most other people too)?

Meanwhile, as Mondo fights to solve its chicken and egg style problems (no banking license without £15-20 million in the bank, no fundraising without a banking licence), rumour has it the startup has begun to look at the prepaid cards market.

Good idea, suggests Noel Moran, CEO of Prepaid Financial Services, and an entrepreneur in his own right, being a finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year contest 2016.

Moran believes that “previously prepaid cards were considered low tech and mainly for the unbanked/subprime in the UK, although other countries around the world including the US and Europe adopted them more widely.”

“Younger millennials are enjoying the preloaded functionally for better budgeting that is afforded by prepaid but also the e-wallets, mobile banking, apps, stickers, and other wearable technology that means they don’t need to carry cash on a night out.”

Cashless stadiums, concerts, and festivals are catching on, and prepaid is also a means for mobile operators, retailers and even governments to inspire “brand” loyalty. Or an ingenious way to control departmental and staff spending, without causing a stir or questioning employees occasionally wayward use of the company credit card.

And to reinforce the point about the harmony that exists between the challenger and high street banks, Moran concludes; “And finally, both traditional and challenger banks are utilising prepaid as a way to deliver quick-to-market products which the former’s legacy systems aren’t equipped to do and the latter’s aren’t yet sufficiently developed or the entity may not be regulated to offer full banking services”

So if you are a millennial with trust issues, a travelling company salesman, a good citizen or even a refugee, you may find yourself on the prepaid wage before the year is out.

Moran founded Prepaid Financial Services in 2008, long before FinTech had become a “thing”; the company now has more than 2.5m account holders, turnover of £29m, and, with little outside investment, recently achieved a valuation of £50m.

The World Is Mobile; Mobile Is Eating The World; So Probably A good Idea To Attend Open Mobile Summit!

Why should you attend Open Mobile Summit? For the above reasons but also because there you will meet and hear from in detail, digital product leaders Shazam, Spotify, TrainLine, The Guardian, JustEat, YPlan, Lyst, Marks & Spencer and M&C Saatchi Mobile.

Plus representatives from the marketing and technical departments of a further 100 companies, some of whom are doubtless in the market for a startup or entrepreneur with a skillset that matches your own.

And of course, the bald fact that 2 billion people own smartphones, they are grabbing a bigger slice of overall advertising revenue share than ever before (and it will keep growing) and there are literally millions of developers working day and night, fuelled by coffee and energy drinks, to make mobile the one accessory that consumers will prize above all others, and use to arrange and complete almost every task you can think of. Even, and we know you’ve probably been hearing some horror stories, in the event of the dreaded Brexit.

Some tickets are still available, check out the Open Mobile Summit website for more details.

Final word; Brexit bad for employees, recruiters, tech and Britain, say Global M founders

We said we’d discuss it, but we prefer to précis the thoughts of two co-founders who have experienced first hand how things get done within Tech City, where the muscle comes from, and what would happen if we deny access to the kind of talent Tech City has come to depend upon.

Nick Waller and Alex Hemsley are the co-founders of Global-M, a ground-breaking recruitment startup based just off London’s Silicon Roundabout that has been “helping British technology startups source talent and assemble programming teams from around the world since its establishment in 2012”.

“The technology startup scene is international by its very nature”, they say. “In this fast-moving realm of innovation, there is greater demand for specialist skills than supply and talent must take precedence over nationality or geographic convenience in the search for staff for any startup that wants to thrive.”

Hemsley and Waller argue that contrary to what Brexiteers suggest, “foreign highly skilled workers aren’t taking job opportunities from native talent”, but helping UK based startups to flourish, which helps boost the nation’s economy and swells the coffers at HMRC.

Global M say that more than half the placements they have made in the UK have been for overseas talent, and Hemsley believes that “any restriction on the movement of highly skilled european labour is only going to have a negative impact on the London technology infrastructure, and therefore its validity as a major power on the bleeding edge of the technology and innovation sectors.”

They also point out that; “A recent survey by Silicon Valley Bank found that 72% of startup executives said leaving the EU would have a negative effect on their business while 95% said it is already challenging to find the right people for their teams. Moreover, the Treasury have predicted a year long recession on top of over 800,000 job losses if the UK are to vote “Yes” to Brexit.”

Yes, Brexiteers have tried to suggest that “through preferential visa rules, the UK will have the power to tailor the UK immigration policy to attract skilled employees into the areas required, such as tech”, notes Waller, “but the Global {M} team know from their vast experience in relocating technologists, Brexit will make the UK a less attractive place to relocate to.”

And the EU does a great job of supporting British startups; it would be a shame for British startups to miss out on funding schemes such as the 2.8 billion euros funding, business support and mentorship programme “SME Instrument” and the EU Research and Innovation programme “Horizon 2020”, which promises to make nearly £67 (€80 billion) of funding available for startups over the next few years”.

Given that, “as it stands, three-quarters of EU citizens working in the UK would not meet current visa requirements for non-EU overseas workers if Britain left the bloc”, it seems almost a certainty that London would lose its current status as the number European Hub for tech startup’s (according to the European Digital City Index in 2015), should Britain decide to leave the EU.

So there you have it – straight from the Unicorn’s mouth, as it were. Those who want to “make Britain great again” have failed to notice that it already is great. And will never be satisfied, in or out. Best leave it to the E(U)xperts, huh?

Bish Bosh Bash; London Tech Week Starts With An Acquisition, An Office Move, A New Coworking Hub & $34m Of Investment


BRISBANE AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 27 2010: Fans enjoying themselves at Future Music Festival

The UK knows how to put on a festival, and London Tech Week is no exception; feisty, independent and ambitious, the festival, now in its third year, could challenge the likes of CES and Dreamforce

How to get London Technology Week off to the perfect start?

London based startup developing ground-breaking new AR / VR technology announces 9 figure acquisition by tech mega-company? Check.

The Best Of The Press (releases); Brightpearl & Bluesnap Surveys, wouldlovetogo On Reconnecting Socially

Young beautiful women at the weekly cloth market - Best friends sharing free time having fun and shopping in the old town in a sunny day - Girlfriends enjoying everyday life moments

Some of us love to shop, some of us love to sell; tech can make it easier at both ends of the spectrum, from managing inventory to the (mobile) online checkout

Haggerston Times reviews some of the press releases that have dropped into its inbox this week, and learns about how multichannel merchants leverage tech, why mobile checkouts are fraught with danger (for merchants) and how to find a new squash buddy.

Funding & Skills Shortages, Scaling Up & Bitcoin Concerns; The World Of UK Tech According To Smith & Williamson’s Enterprise Index

Dirty break clutch and accelerator gear shifter pedal of manual transmission car

Time to put the pedal to the metal? According to a new survey from Smith & Williamson, entrepreneurs are unable to secure enough funding to help their companies “scale up”

Scaling up is never easy to do, but you have to give it a go. It’s the best we can do.

Not a set of Abba lyrics (A-Ha!) but the state of Britain’s tech scene, according to new survey conducted by accountancy firm and professional and financial services group” Smith & Williamson.

Talking Tech; As Tech City Insider Announces Closure, We Ask; How Much Does The Media Love Startups & How Much Do We Love Startup Media

The paparazzi made spicy photos celebrity retro style pop art. The tabloid press journalists photographers. Dangerous job

Tech City Insider is closing its doors but there are no shortage of tech and entrepreneur themed blogs and publications online – does anybody read them?

Sad news reached Haggerston Times’ inbox last Friday that Tech City Insider is set to close after 5 uninterrupted years covering the entrepreneurial tech business sector in the UK.

A short email message (as opposed to the usual weekly mail shot comprising of 10-15 articles covering all things entrepreneur and tech related) informed subscribers that despite the “inspirational journey” the TCI had taken readers on, the party was set to end here as “the business has not returned the revenue necessary to support a viable future.”

A Rating Agency For Startups and Innovative SMEs Is Coming To London


can Early Metrics do what many VC and Angel investors can’t and identify and rate startups’ growth potential accurately? Opening a new office in London will surely help.

Startups are strange beasts; they come in different shapes and sizes and it is notoriously hard to pick the winners from the losers (clue; the stats suggest the overwhelming majority will be losers – just sayin’).

But now Venture Capital & Angel investors as well as startup evangelists can take comfort from the fact that there is help arriving from overseas. A French company called Early Metrics which claims to be the first rating agency for startups and SMEs, has opened its first office in London.

Silicon Roundup; The Good Ship Startup Plots A Course Through The Brexit Storm

London aerial view with Tower Bridge in sunset time

Whilst everyone in London discusses a potential “Brexit”, startup’s are quietly getting on with the job of scaling

There’s been good news for maturing early stage startup’s based in London in the past week.

It’s good to see the seed / Angel / VC model working just like it’s supposed to.

Last week, Polystream founders Adam Billyard and Bruce Grove, who between them have accumulated experience at Criterion, Electronic Arts, Dell and Onlive (Billyard is an ex fighter jet designer who spent 10 years in various tech leadership roles in the US) announced a $1.5m seed funding round led by early stage investors Venture Partners and Initial Capital.

Will Founder of World’s Most Talked About “Secret” Startup Magic Leap Reveal All At Upcoming Wired Business Conference?


wiredThe ninth annual Wired Business Conference will take place in New York on 16th June at Spring Studios; the first round of speakers was announced last week by Wired and as you might expect it’s an eclectic mix of thought leaders, influencers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Swedish Startup Match2One Has Raised £260k To Grab A Slice Of Rapidly Expanding Programmatic Advertising Pie


Riding a wave of disruptive change in the ad-buying industry, Match2One’s platform offers startups and SME’s to work with the likeminded

If you’re not yet familiar with programmatic advertising and what it’s all about then don’t worry too much, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it during the rest of 2016.

Briefly, programmatic advertising is automated ad-buying across numerous digital advertising channels.

We’ve all heard about the “science” of advertising with Facebook – where targeting 25-year-old fans of ice cream in East Timor who are single and speak more than 2 languages, for example, is apparently a piece of cake, but if you prefer your ad buying agencies a little smaller and more dedicated to your needs, say a fellow startup like yourself, then you might want to think about signing up for Match2One’s beta service.

Sydney startup SeatFrog’s Fundraise Will Have Airline Passenger’s Jumping Out Of Their Seats For Joy

iPhone Mockup_S3

Ever wanted to upgrade to Business or First Class shortly before boarding a flight, but didn’t know how? Wonder no more, thanks to new startup Seatfrog

The disruption and democratisation of air travel by tech continues apace no doubt to the delight of passengers, who may not be casting such envious glances at first class and business travel flyers for much longer, as airlines acknowledge that digital services can transform the customer experience in a good way.

A new Sydney based startup, Seatfrog, that will allow passengers to bid for seat and ticket upgrades via auction, has just completed a USD $862k fundraise, led by London based Howzat Partners.

What Is The Meeker Report & Why Should I Care? A Guide To The Most Influential VC Publication Of The Year


The Internet Trends Report 2016 is 213 slides long, but don’t worry, we’ve broken it down into “just” 3,500 words for you.

6 years is a long time in the world of Venture Capitalism, and an age in the development of digital trends.

It has been less than 6 years since a Morgan Stanley MD and Digital analyst, Mary Meeker, who had made a name for herself as one of the US’ foremost influential thinkers about emerging technological trends, publishing numerous industry defining reports and books, joined Kleiner Perkins, Caulfield and Byers, and began publishing what has become known as the “Meeker report”.

Meeker was writing about the growing influence of the Internet as far back as 1995, and Internet advertising since ’96. Her KPCB bio reveals that she covered emerging tech giants (e.g. Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Google, Electronic Arts and others) who have collectively gone on to create 500k jobs, and increased their collective market value by more than $1.5 trillion dollars, at Morgan Stanley before joining KPCB and leading investments into the likes of Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter, Jawbone and Instacart. She now sits on the board of Square, Lending Club and DocuSign.

London Commuters Take Note – Uber Just Doubled The Size Of Its Ride Sharing Catchment Area to Zones 1,2 & Heathrow


UberPool, like UberX and just plain old Uber before it, has been a runaway success so far in London

Tom Elvidge, General Manager of ride sharing startup Uber’s operations in London announced yesterday that the company is expanding its ride sharing service, UberPool, to the whole of zones one and two and Heathrow airport.

Previously UberPool only operated in central London but now areas like Hammersmith, Putney and Peckham are within reach,

Pushing The Envelope – SAScon Becomes First UK Conference To Have It’s Own Facebook Chatbot


Got time for a chat? Thanks to the efforts of digital boffins, intelligent chatbots should become a help, not a hindrance

Have you noticed things have gone a little quiet on the Chatbot front lately?

What happened – is the party over before it even began?

Far from it – but what businesses are beginning to realise, and developers are likely to have known for a while, is that building a “good” chatbot takes time, brains and imagination.

YAC-ity YAC – Will You Talk Back? New Networking App For Socially Elite Coming To London Scores How Popular You Are, And Tells People

YAC stealth mode

Ever wanted to find the most popular (or least popular) person in the club; thanks to YAC, you’ll soon be able to, says its founders

It’s not the first time the idea of a popularity / power based app has been floated (Klout, anyone?), but this time, says Ales Zivkovic founder of social networking and scoring app YAC, it’s personal.

Zivkovic, the archetypal million-miles-an-hour startup founder, became exhausted running around London to a succession of meetings as he tried to find backers for his other startup project  (a medical health TV channel that is big in his native Slovenia and across Eastern Europe) only to discover that the person he was meeting was about as much use to him as a chocolate teapot.

It was at this point that he and his brother came up with the idea for YAC. “I needed an app that would tell me who the people around me are”, says Zivkovic, boiling over with frustration.

Two Unicorns; Two Tech Hubs; Big Difference; London’s Tech Scene Is Nothing Like The Size Of Silicon Valley’s, But It Can Be As Influential


Snapchat – the latest “Decacorn” to roll off the Silicon Valley production line

Two of the biggest startup funding stories of the week illustrate the size of the gulf that still exists between London and The Silicon Valley when it comes to creating tech giants.

Many prominent London based techies, entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors have made no secret of the fact they have The Valley’s position as the number one global tech hub in their sights.

Global VC Financing Down Again in Q1 2016, Europe Steadies, Says Latest CB Insights / KPMG Report, Blaming Concerns Over China Slowdown, American Elections


The latest global downturn in global VC funding activity may only be temporary, suggests a new report from CB Insights / KPMG

The global downturn in Venture Capital financing activity has continued into Q1 2016, according to the latest report from CB insights, in conjunction with KPMG.

After experiencing a significant correction in Q4 2015, when both the number of deals done globally fell from 2,141, to 1,907, and volumes dropped to $27.7 billion from $39.0 billion, numbers have declined again, to 1,829 deals and volumes to $25.5bn.

According to CB Insights, however, the latest decline is likely to be a term short one, attributable to concerns over a slowing Chinese economy and VC firms keeping their powder dry whilst they wait to see the results of the upcoming Presidential elections in the US.

London (and Europe’s) Biggest Tech Startup Funds And What They Are Buying


It’s raining funding in Europe – but where are the puddles forming?

Sometimes startup founders must feel a little bit like Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner and his stranded crew mates, who stared at the ocean surrounding their lost ship and cried out in desperation: “water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink!”

“Funding, funding everywhere, but not a penny for me”, is a common refrain across entrepreneur and founder meet-ups across London and yet there are new fund launches being announced almost daily.

What Is A Lead Investor And Why Do You Need One? They Are Gladiators, & If You Find One It’s Happy Days


Whilst Ron Howard “made it”, made it, The Fonz had to make do with a role in The Waterboy – but still did pretty well. Echoes of the lead investor / founder relationship?

Disclaimer – this article is pun ridden and uses stereotyping for “comic” effect

The beauty of the tech startup world is that even while it breaks new ground, “changes the world”, builds robots that are supposedly more intelligent than humans and disrupts entire industries, it all begins in a typically awkward, typically human, you might even say typically British fashion.

Squeezing The Truth Out Of British Venture Capital Funding; Deals Down, Funding Up, VCs Asleep At The Wheel?


Stocks and Loans may break my bones but stats will never hurt me?

Torture them for long enough, and stats will confess anything.

At least that’s how the saying goes, but it’s a cynical soul who still decries “lies, damn and statistics”, in the face of today’s data driven analytical world.

Do the stats really lie? Or is it the case that, seven out of ten times, they always tell the truth?

In the world of Venture Capital investing, there’s no doubt that figures are often bandied about that bear little or no relation to reality, or used to support arguments that hold no water.

Fashion Tech & Gadget Site Kwaleo Joins The Personalisation Web Brigade And Makes A Pretty Good Fist (Bump) Of It


KwaleoMillennials, similarly to how the character of Blain, in the Arnie classic Predator, didn’t have time to bleed, ain’t got time to shop!

Shop that is, in the classical sense. Looking at things for more than a couple of seconds before making a snap judgement, trying things on, “browsing”, measuring space at home to see if a new dining table will fit – all no longer necessary, thanks to tech, apps, social media, and a generational shift change in the way we think about life.

Mistakes On A Plane – Why Airlines Can’t Capitalise On Digital Add-on Services


They are the ultimate captive audience, sitting on board one of mankind’s greatest inventions, but in a strangely anachronistic twist if a passenger on a flight requires food, drink, entertainment or assistance they must run the gauntlet of the food trolley, sharp edged metal doors flapping, blocking off at least two of the available bathrooms.

But in an age where several billion people treat their pocket sized supercomputers like standard issue fashion accessories, why on earth, or indeed off it, should this be?

Bridging The Equity Divide – Syndicate Room Announces Latest Funding Round & Report Gauging Size Of Investor Appetite


syndicate room betterSyndicate Room’s latest raise, formally announced last night in front of a packed crowd at The Mermaid Theatre, begun at 9am today; a new report released by the firm suggests appetite for equities and IPOs is stronger than ever.

1 year ago Syndicate Room, the Crowdfunding platform with a unique investment model that allows online investors to follow a syndicate of lead investors into the funding rounds of promising early stage, high growth business, and now also invest in stock market IPOs, raised £1.2m at a pre-cash valuation of £7.2m in a little over 24 hours.

Where There’s A Wine There’s A Way; Baacco Founders Building The “Amazon Of Wine” Believe They Have The Bottle To Build A Unicorn


The Baacco team; from l-r Federico, Tai, Raj and Cosmin – no that’s not a wine cellar, it’s the Mass Challenge offices.

“One day we believe we can turn this business into a Unicorn”.

It’s a grandiose claim but one that Tai Alegbe, co-founder of Baacco, the online marketplace for UK wine merchants, is not afraid to make.

An entrepreneur, twin brother (his twin also runs a startup), and ex-city of London broker, Alegbe is also a wine-lover; he has the WSET certificates to prove it. Baacco was launched in 2015 after Alegbe, who had taken time out to research different business sectors in order to give himself the best chance of success, delightedly realised that there was no single dominant player selling wine online.

From The Outback To Mayfair Via The Concrete Jungle; Apprentice Winner Mark E Wright Lifts The Lid On Life As Sir Alan Sugar’s Business Partner

mark e wright

Apprentice winner Mark E Wright at The Royal Institute. His business acumen is as sharp as his one-liners

Don’t waste your time worrying about what Sir Alan Sugar thinks about you! It sounds like a bizarre statement coming from a winner of The Apprentice TV show, but the point is well made. All will be revealed.

The Apprentice is hard enough to get onto, let alone win; when 2014 winner Mark E Wright auditioned because friends told him they thought he was the kind of the guy who would probably end up winning the show, he was one of 50,000 “wantrepreneurs” to show up to a building on Tottenham Court Road on the day of the auditions.

Silicon Roundup: Beyond Human Endeavour & Triumphing Against The Odds, Tech Is Starting To Eat Up The Column Inches


That thing that nobody thought would ever really happen. It’s happening

here’s a quick breakdown of last week’s news stories – Haggerston Times suspects Tech will begin to dominate the headlines as fantasy starts to become reality.

Last week was notable for some big news stories; Donald Trump steamrollering his way past 17 career politicians to claim the GOP Presedential Candidacy despite his political inexperience and outsider status.

Sadiq Khan’s easy victory over Tory Zac Goldsmith, whose campaign seemed to turn nasty,  veering completely off the rails, to become Labour’s first London Mayor since 2008, and the first ever Muslim mayor of a major European city.

Matchless Mini Bond Issue Returning 6% Launched To Restore The Matchless Motorcycle To Its Former Glories


The Matchless motorcycle, a piece of iconic British design, is being revived by the Italian Malenotti family; a lip smacking fusion of automotive stylishness and true brit grit if ever there was one.

In 2012 the Malenotti family acquired the brand of Matchless and its assets, and after investing £15 million into launching a fashion range, Matchless London Clothing, worn by the likes of Jonny Depp and Kate Moss and the provider of a “Craig Blouson”, an ultra-soft suede jacket to Daniel Craig for the James Bond film Spectre, the firm are putting the iconic Matchless motorcycle back on Britain’s roads.

Meet Mello, The Melon Juice Startup About To Launch New Honeydew Flavour & Enter Snack Market


natural, no added preservatives and made in a unique style – is mello the drink of the summer?

Rehydrate; Repair; Replenish? It sounds like something a shampoo might do or a weekend away at a spa in the countryside, but it’s actually a refreshing melon based exotic fruit juice that you can find at Ocado, Waitrose, The Whole Foods Market and Harrods, and has been featured in Glamour and the Daily Mail.

Mello was founded by 2 female entrepreneurs, half Irish and half Arabic Rose Aldean, who had worked at the UKTI before launching the business, and her childhood friend Sophie.

Mellow If You’re Not Yellow! Hamburg Startup Shaking up e-Mobility Market With Electric Engines For Skateboards

Mellow Boards

Pack to the future? Battery powered electric skateboards are coming to a neighbourhood near you thanks to Hamburg startup Mellow Boards

An ex-BMW Electric Car Engineer, Kilian Green, and a board sports enthusiast and sports economist, Johanes Schewe have developed an electric engine and set of wheels which can be attached to the rear of skateboards and similar devices to provide motorised boarding, reaching speeds of up to 40 mph. Do you dare?

In fact, this isn’t an exclusive product for gnarly boarders but a contraption that its founders say could become a serious player in the e-mobility market. After meeting on a surf trip, the Kilian and Johanes developed a prototype engine and soon afterwards founded the company Mellow Boards GMbh, later launching a Kickstarter campaign, in June 2015, which raised over €300k.

The End Of The High Street, Or The Beginning Of The Click And Collect Revolution?


First Woolworths, now BHS – has the British public fallen out of love with the high street? Can tech save it?

It’s no secret that the British High Street isn’t what it used to be; in the past decade Woolworths, Jane Norman, Threshers, Peacocks and Clinton cards have all fallen into administration and been consigned to the dustbin of history.

HMV, Jessops and Comet have also met with the same fate and now BHS, once a national institution, has joined them, placing 11,000 jobs across 164 stores at risk.

So are Britons abandoning the High Street in their droves, or did some or all of these stores all fail to move with the times? In an age where millennial consumers don’t just expect, but demand digitally enhanced, omnichannel shopping experiences, wherever they happen to be doing their shopping, any high street store will pay a high price for choosing not to provide such services.

2 Days’ Left To Pick Up Extra-Discounted Tickets For Open Mobile Summit In June – Save £200!

Business People Meeting Corporate Digital Device Connection Concept

you’ve heard that mobile is the future – so how do your products compare with the rest of the market and how can you find out? Maybe at the Open Mobile Summit…

Calling all mobile product developers! On June 27th-28th The Open Mobile Summit Europe returns to London, at the Crowne Plaza in the City of London

Why should you care?

Open Mobile Summit is Europe’s only mobile conference event focused exclusively on product; representatives from JustEat, Delivery Hero, Shazam, Coca-Cola, The Guardian, Spotify and Zoopla; in short Europe’s finest startup product and product marketing gurus; will all be in attendance.