Karadoo Launch Is A Reminder – Change Is In The Air – And Your Chance To Invest In A Meaningful, Fast Growth Project Is Better Than Ever


There’s a new way to invest in early stage start-ups across the UK.

Karadoo is an exciting, fresh new online market-place where non-professional investors can buy shares in some of the most promising and fast growing companies around.

As well as featuring many companies, like upmarket handbag and shoe restorer The Restory, twice Michelin starred chef Adam Simmonds’ first solo food venture Simmonds restaurant, and Salcombe Gin, which are eligible for tax breaks for High Net Worth’s via the tax efficient, government endorsed EIS and SEIS schemes, Karadoo is giving investors the chance to speak or meet with founders of all of the companies on their platform.

Registering on the platform allows users to download and browse detailed prospectuses about each of the 30 or so featured companies, which vary in size, scale and ambition to suit every investor’s needs. There are a a diverse range of industry sectors to choose from, from Home of Retro, an online store crammed with iconic and nostalgic products that define the term “retro-trainment”, to internationally syndicated sports TV show Powersnooker, to manufacturing and contracting services vehicle DGM Ventures.

Karadoo co-founder Chris Rose, from Buckinghamshire, has spent a large part of his career negotiating and making deals across different sectors, and has extensive financial experience having held Financial Directorships at Dell and Scottish and Newcastle. He also holds an MBA from Henley Management College.

In Britain, entrepreneurship is booming and the U.K. Is generally regarded as the best place in Europe, if not the world, to launch a company, particularly a digital one. Entrepreneurs, taking advantage of the tier 1 visa aimed at business founders, are flocking to London and spreading to other hubs, from Durham to Brighton.

Unfortunately, not all will be successful and the failure is still high, but that should not deter wannabe investors or “wantrepreneurs”. As strange as it may sound, failure is one of the key ingredients of success. If you haven’t failed, you haven’t really tried.

Close-up computer screen with trading platform window. Multiple exposure photo.

Are early stage, fast growth start-ups the asset class of the future?

Platforms like Karadoo, Dreamstake and Force Over Mass are proving to be the perfect antidote to crowdfunding sites which are increasingly coming under fire for their lack of transparency, and accountability, with company founders pivoting and launching new iterations which are a far cry from they product they promised investors – if they are ever launched at all.

The world of entrepreneurs, start-ups, techies and investors can often seem an intimidating one from the outside, but wannabe investors should not be put off. Far from it. From Google Campus to the Makerversity to Brixton’s Impact Hub, Bloomsbury’s Collective Elevator and Whitechapel’s Central Working, everywhere you look there are environments where you can have an open dialogue with company founders, learn the start-up lingo and let your creative juices flow.

So do something exciting this spring – instead of burying your hard earned spare cash at the bottom of a nameless, guileless investment fund run by greedy managers who spend more time thinking about their bonus and hiking charges than they will ever spend evaluating performance of the assets under their control, or under the floorboards, choose a start-up, back an entrepreneur and watch the transformative effect it has on both capital and the country.

Thanks to transparent, user friendly sites like Karadoo, with their focus on promoting open communication and dialogue and knowledge exchange, change is happening across al it’s every business sector you can think of – will you be a part of it?

Company update; Motivii Making Strides; Start-up Delivering Real Time Employee Motivation Scores To Managers And Organisations


Simply put, I love Motivii! In a world where there is lots of data but sometimes little learning, Motivii focuses me on the important stuff. That is: how is my teams feeling, what’s the key stuff on their plate, and how can I help them

Henry Matthews –  Co-Lead Marketing Transformation, Bank of Scotland

“Motivii  has  been  created  to  help  employees  understand  their  own  motivation,  communicate more  effectively  with  their  teams  and  to  serve  as   a  platform  for  anonymous  feedback  that helps  improve  the  workplace.”

Excerpt from the Motivii user guide

Babylon Health to complete $25m Raise Today, Backed By DeepMind Founders & AB Kinnevik


The HealthTech sector looks set to secure its second big venture capital win of 2016 today.

 After Pushdoctor, a U.K. based start-up that enables users to arrange consultations with qualified doctors via video-conference using their app, raised an £8.2m Series A round led by Oxford Capital Partners and DFJ Esprit, to boost marketing and develop its integration with other healthcare providers, rival service Babylon Health will today announce a raise of $25m led by Swedish investment group AB Kinnevik and a group of investors that is said to include Demis Hassabis and Mustafa Suleyman, the founders of Deep Mind, who recently sold their start-up to Google for a sum thought to be in the region of £400m.

“Upscale” project From Tech City UK To Provide 25 Lucky Start-ups With World Class Mentoring To help Them Supercharge Growth


High achieving entrepreneurs behind the growth of some of the UK’s most promising and successful start-ups are being asked to give something back to the eco-system they helped develop by acting as mentors to 25 high growth, UK-based tech founders.

Facebook Says You Don’t Need A Mobile Phone Number Anymore


So that’s what Messenger is for – ever since Facebook decided access to their messaging app would be through a separate app to their main site, speculation has been rife as to what Zuckerberg, Sandberg and the crew at Menlo Park were up to.

Well it seems that since they couldn’t get a successful Facebook centric smartphone off the ground (although not for want of trying) the company has decided that Messenger has the power to obliterate the smartphone as we know it – starting with the mobile phone number – and rebuild the operating system in its own image.

Marketing By Numbers – 3 Rules Of Thumb


Don’t panic – there are only 3 numbers you need to know!

Our marketing correspondent Marc Duke writes:

A while back the CEO of a company I was working with called me in to a meeting room and asked me for help. ‘I have a board meeting next week and the numbers don’t stack up. We have to review the marketing budget!’ he pleaded. We did. Exciting stuff, but not for now; buy me a coffee and I’ll bore you – promise! The VP of sales then chipped in ‘CEO (not his actual name), you can’t go with those numbers Marc has not had a chance to work out how much budget he needs to do effective marketing’. Well, no need as we had agreed the numbers, but here are the magic numbers for effective marketing; 0, 5 and 100. There, easy, job done!

Create Your Own Personalised, Digital Shop Window With Fashion Start-up Custom


Custom’s founders – could 2016 be the year of the Fash-Tech start-up?

After spending 7 years at Google, where he helped launch marketing operations in Spain and Portugal and was “instrumental” in helping to set up the YouTube symphony orchestra, Custom founder Maximilian Madile’s world changed forever – all because of a coat.

Keeping Employees Happy Can Help Make Your Start-up A Success in 2016, Says Givvit Founder


Setting up a Givvit rewards campaign could be the perfect way to inspire and motivate employees and keep teams together in the New Year say the founders of Givvit, a newly launched start-up that provides a platform where employers can treat their employees on their own terms by providing redeemable vouchers for much loved retailers including M&S, CaffeNero and Pizza Express.

Solavore Cuts Price Of “Buy One Give One” Indiegogo Campaign Offer For Its Solar Ovens

kenyan firewood

Solavore Sport ovens trap heat from the sun and reduce the need for women in Africa and Asia to gather firewood

To celebrate “Giving Tuesday” a women-owned social enterprise is offering to donate one Solavore Sport solar oven to one of their aid programs in India, Cambodia or Kenya for a limited time when backers purchase one for a special price of $145 through the Indiegogo campaign page – which represents a 45% discount on the usual price.

UKTI And London Fintech’s Finest Are On A Mission To Japan


Anybody who doesn’t know that the UK and London in particular are the world’s number 1 destination for finTech start-ups and investment into fintech must have had their heads in the sand for the past 18 months.

Today the UKTI and several of the capital’s most promising finTech start-ups, including City Falcon, Money Mover, Prophis and World Remit will wrap up a 3 day trade delegation in Japan, a country that is beginning to see serious disruption of its own in its Financial Services sector.

Silicon Round-Up – things you need to know about London’s Tech City this week – on the successful launch of Tech.london


So the .London domain wasn’t just a gimmick! Tech.london, a collaboration between the Mayor of London, Angel investment platform Gust, IBM and a diverse range of partners from the tech community, launched 3 months ago and has released data relating to its traffic since launch.

The site had 127,000 visitors from 864 cities across 123 countries during its first quarter; according to the site’s infographic, most people are looking for upcoming events with a slightly smaller number reading about London based start-ups. Visitors are also looking for Biz Dev, Design and Engineering jobs and reading mostly about the Business Products and Services and FinTech industries.

Cyber Security Is Being Given The Start-up Treatment As Government Announces Launch Of £165m Fund


Every year the British Government spends 2% of GDP on defence

After the devastating events of last week in Paris George Osborne has been quick to find an extra £1.9 billion to almost double the amount the government will spend on cyber security by 2020 to around £3.2bn.

The Unexpected Trend for Multi-Stories and Pop-ups across London and London Fashion Week


Fashion correspondent Abi Buller writes:

Who could have predicted the sudden cool-factor of industrial spaces, carparks and rooftops?

If you happened to be passing through the streets of Soho in mid-September, you may have noticed a particularly fashionable clan of VIPs, models and attaches hoarding their way into and around the NCP carpark on Brewer Street for this season’s London Fashion Week. The week’s celebratory atmosphere was infectious and sprawled itself across Golden Square and Carnaby Street, feeding it through to a wider audience. Although you could argue it was time for an update from the more traditional setup of its previous years in Somerset House, this particular choice of location may well have come as a surprise to fashion followers.

Tech City Is Nearly 4, Silicon Valley Nearly 45; Can The Young Buck Really Usurp The Old Master?

Does London need a guy like this watching over it?

Does London need a guy like this watching over it?

Tech city will soon be celebrating its 4th birthday, and around the same time, Silicon Valley will turn 45. By human standards, that means Tech City has learned to walk, talk and make friends and will soon be saying goodbye to the nursery and hello to a new uniform and its first days as a fully paid up member of a society that will be less forgiving, endlessly testing and demanding of tangible, consistent, results; signs that it can look after itself in the long term.

Leads united – we are leads, we are leads, we are leads…


Leads, not Leeds!

Marketing correspondent Marc Duke writes…

Don’t worry this is as not an article about the once mighty powerhouse of UK football rather some thoughts on one of the most important areas I think there is in marketing – lead generation. The ultimate measure of effective marketing and something that any start up just has to deliver on, if it is to secure the next round of funding, become a take-over target or simply just to survive is leads.

Eileen Burbidge To Take The Tech City Chair – Replacing Joanna Shields – Is This A Political Succession Plan?


Tech City; not necessarily a natural habitat for London’s top tech brass?

So farewell then Joanna Shields, and welcome Eileen Burbidge; whilst the latter probably needs no introduction to ground level Tech City aficionados, the former may not have been quite so much on start-up’s radars.

Baroness Shields of Maida Vale, in the City of Westminster, as she was appointed just over 1 year ago, has been the driving force behind some of “Tech City’s” most notable achievements of the past 3 years; since being appointed Chief Executive of the Tech City Investment Organisation in 2012, declaring London to be the “next Silicon Valley”, she has enhanced an already impressive CV which included spells as head of Facebook in Europe, and CEO of social networking site Bebo.

Techtoberfest, “Probably The Best Beer & Tech Festival The World Has Ever Seen” Is Coming To London Fields Brewery This Friday

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It’s finally (almost) here! The hype has been immense and by now most tech-savvy start-ups, investors, craft ale enthusiasts and fans of German festival style, oompah-fuelled parties (that’s most people) will know all about Techtoberfest, which opens its doors this Friday at the London Fields Brewery, from 4pm until – well, who’s checking!

London’s tech start-up scene is never short of places to meet and discuss the latest trends, be it Drupal programming geeks, superstar marketers, operations heroes, founders, partners, software evangelists, high-net-worth angel investors or those who consider themselves all of the above (and even lawyers!), but like a giant, disruptive platform, Techtoberfest is consolidating all the disparate parts of start-up land into one virtuous, holistic, whole…with lederhosen!

London Dining App Velocity Acquires US Payments Start-Up Cover, Gets Ready For New York Launch


velocityVelocity founders Zia Yusuf, an ex-Goldman Sachs Executive Director and LSE alumni, and Alex Macdonald, a Turnaround specialist with restaurant management experience and a penchant for Jamon Iberico, are helping to create the ultimate in frictionless dining experiences on both sides of the Atlantic by allowing diners at top restaurants to view itemised bills in real time using their smartphones.

The app will also help restaurants to increase diner’s spend per head by an estimated 14%, and save venues up to 80 man hours per month thanks to the increased efficiency of letting diners pay via mobile as soon as they are ready. Additionally, restaurants are able to compile invaluable information about diner’s habits and preferences, using big data style analytics to turn their POS systems into a CRM tool.

Get To Know The Founders Of Knomi As They Introduce Shopping Through Social Interaction…


knomiHaggerston Times Fashion Writer Abi Buller talks to one of the co-founders of Knomi, Hans-Christian Zappel, about their recently launched e-commerce and social networking application. Knomi is a social fashion discovery app which allows users to curate profiles based on their own style choices, as well as sharing and interacting with others about the latest trends.

Having come from an entrepreneurial family background, it was always likely that Hans Christian Zappel would at some point become a company founder. Together with co-founder Markus Ehrnrooth, he has identified a gap in the market for a new shopping app. This is where the story of KNOMI unfolds, a fashion app that integrates social interaction into the online shopping sphere.

When asked for the motivation behind their company, Hans explained that whilst both online and offline retail exist independently, they are very much a part of the same world. Their initial reaction to this was therefore to work directly with 20 stores across London. After reviewing this instore experience, the founders decided to rethink their proposition in 2014. With supporting funders onboard with their idea, they began to reconsider the shopping experience as being driven from the customer journey, therefore creating a more personal and social mobile app. After completing an extensive research phase involving around 2000 participants, they were able to identify how they would be able to work with their customer’s desires.